Christopher Meloni’s Kids: Meet The ‘Law & Order’ Star’s Two Children

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Christopher Meloni, Sherman Williams, Sophia Meloni, and Dante Meloni

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Sherman Williams, Christopher Meloni, Dante Amadeo Meloni and Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni seen astatine  World Premiere of Twentieth Century Fox "Snatched" astatine  Regency Village Theatre, successful  Los Angeles
World Premiere of Twentieth Century Fox "Snatched", Los Angeles, USA - 10 May 2017

Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni and Christopher Meloni
'Noah' movie  premiere, New York, America - 26 Mar 2014

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Image Credit: Invision/AP/Shutterstock Christopher Meloni is an histrion known for his longtime relation arsenic Elliot Stabler connected the deed show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Chris and his wife, Sherman, person 2 kids together. On Jan. 22, 2023, Chris and his woman partied with their girl to observe her 22nd birthday.

Perhaps Christopher Meloni, 62, is the internet’s favourite “zaddy,” but he’s besides a real-life dad, caring for 2 big children, Sophia, 22, and Dante, 19, whom helium shares with his woman Sherman Williams, 63, a accumulation designer. The brace primitively met connected the acceptable of a TV amusement successful 1989, arsenic Christopher had conscionable begun pursuing an acting vocation and Sherman was moving arsenic a accumulation designer. The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star once described the HBO bid arsenic “immensely forgettable,” but recalled Sherman arsenic the opposite. “This I gotta meet,” Christopher went connected astir his now-wife.

After spending years unneurotic and yet marrying successful 1995, the mates welcomed a daughter, Sophia, successful 2001 and a son, Dante, successful 2004. After spending years going backmost and distant betwixt the eastbound and westbound coasts, the household yet decided connected raising their 2 children successful the Big Apple. Sherman past enactment her plan skills to enactment by crafting an perfect location for her brood, raising her 2 kids successful a beauteous surviving abstraction profiled by Architectural Digest in 2017.

Most recently, successful Oct. 2022, Chris opened up astir what his woman and kids deliberation astir him being called a “Zaddy” online, per PEOPLE. “It’s a 2nd enactment to a definite degree,” helium said of the societal media nickname. “It’s a gas. It’s fun. I don’t know, has anyone other been crowned Zaddy? Once it’s bestowed upon you, you person to conscionable thrust that equine arsenic agelong arsenic you can.” As for what his spouse and kids think, they too, find the amusive successful it. “My wife, she’s lovely, she gets it. Meaning she’s like, ‘Eh, whatever.’ My kids, connected the different hand, invariably erstwhile a month, it’s ‘Really? Really?'” helium said astatine the time. “Their friends volition nonstop them a meme that’s travel retired oregon whatever.”

Find retired much astir his 2 children and his parenting style, however he’s focused connected “empowering” his kids passim the years!

Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni

Christopher Meloni & girl  Sophia MeloniChristopher Meloni & girl Sophia Meloni be the ‘Noah’ movie premiere, 2014. (Henry Lamb/BEI/Shutterstock)

Sophia was calved connected March 23, 2001 and though her TV prima begetter likes to support their household dealings beauteous debased key, helium has brought her on to a fewer reddish carpet events implicit the years, specified the 2021 Golden Globes. While small is known astir Sophia’s idiosyncratic and nonrecreational life, 1 happening is clear: She’s an activistic who uses her level of astir 20,000 Instagram followers to get her messages across.

In her bio, she advocates for “The Big One”, which is simply a program to stitchery 100,000 radical to protestation the extracurricular of the Houses of Parliament. The extremity is to fto the authorities cognize that radical privation alteration erstwhile it comes to clime alteration policies. While Sophia is surely superior astir clime alteration action, she shows disconnected her carefree broadside and tidbits of her beingness astatine location with her celebrated father, specified arsenic these series of shots she posted In May 2020, astatine the opening stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sophia besides cracked up her followers — and fans of her dada — erstwhile she provided what Christopher deemed the “#BestGiftEver” on Instagram for Father’s Day successful 2021. Sophia gave Chris a framed representation involving a tweet writer Rebecca Makkai posted successful June 2021 asking users to remark with their “best personage sighting.” Film professional Matt Zoller Seitz past responded by noting however helium spotted Christopher retired with his 2 children successful NYC. “I saw Chris Meloni, 1 of the toughest pugnacious guys connected television, failing to power 2 toddlers astatine a brunch astatine Columbus Circle circa 2007,” helium hilariously recalled. Sophia past framed the tweet, adding a representation of she and sibling Dante to punctual her dada of their earlier days! #BestGiftEver indeed!

Dante Amadeo Meloni

Christopher Meloni & lad   Dante MeloniChristopher Meloni & lad Dante. (SplashNews)

Dante, calved connected Jan. 2, 2004, is the couple’s youngest kid and lone son. Although the 19-year-old isn’t connected societal media similar his sister, his dada shares immoderate behind-the-scenes shots from clip to clip of the brace spending clip together. Chris seemingly has a trusting and unfastened narration with his son, arsenic helium explained successful a 2014 interrogation with Advocate that helium raised his children successful an LGBTQ-inclusive and socially alert household. After NFL subordinate Michael Sam came out, Christopher talked astir discussing the lawsuit with his teen, who was 10 astatine the time. “I told him, ‘That’s a existent man. That’s a feline with courage’,” helium said.

He continued, “I deliberation that’s the benignant of illustration … that’s going to propulsion america forward. For much radical to say, ‘I don’t privation to transportation this silly load anymore, this silly secret, let’s determination on. It’s not the focal constituent of who I am.’”

Christopher described his benignant of parenting successful a 2014 chat with USA Today. “I deliberation my kids would telephone maine a small crazy. I’m precise physical, precise affectionate. I’m besides precise disciplined and focused connected education. That’s 1 happening that was instilled successful me, 1 spot successful beingness wherever there’s nary compromise,” helium explained. “What works for maine is empowering my kids. I retrieve not having immoderate powerfulness erstwhile I was increasing up. Power helps kids mature, and it requires captious reasoning connected their part. They consciousness engaged successful a decision, which makes them consciousness engaged successful the household process.”

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