Drew Barrymore Claps Back At Claim That She Wishes Her Mom Was Dead: ‘That Is Sick’

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Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore arrives astatine  the LA Premiere of "Santa Clarita Diet" Season 3 astatine  the Hollywood American Legion Post 43 connected  Thursday, March 28, 2019, successful  Los Angeles. (Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP)

Six-year-old histrion   Drew Barrymore, a granddaughter of famed histrion  John Barrymore, Sr. and co-star successful  the deed  movie  "E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial," is seen successful  1982.  (AP Photo/Doug Pizac)

Drew Barrymore, center, Henry Thomas, left, and Robert Macnaughton, the young stars of Steven Spielberg's movie   "E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial," airs  with their People's Choice grant  aft  the movie   was named favourite  Motion Picture astatine  the 9th yearly  People's Choice Awards successful  Santa Monica, Ca., connected  March 17, 1983. (AP Photo/Lennox McLendon)

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(UPDATE: 6/05/22 AT 8:10 P.M. ET): Drew Barrymore has clapped backmost astatine each outlets that claimed she wished decease upon her parent successful her June 5 interrogation with New York mag Taking to her Instagram feed, she said, “You cognize what? To each you tabloids retired there, you person been f****** with my beingness since I was 13 years old,” she began successful a superior tone. “I person ne'er said that I privation my parent was dead. How situation you enactment those words successful my mouth.”

“I person been susceptible and tried to fig retired a precise difficult, achy narration portion admitting it is hard to bash portion a genitor is live and that for those of america that who to fig that retired successful existent clip ‘cannot wait’ arsenic successful they cannot hold for the time. Not that the genitor is dead,” she continued, clarifying her stance. “Don’t twist my words astir oregon ever accidental that I privation my parent was dead. I person ne'er said that. I ne'er would. In fact, I spell connected to accidental that I privation that I ne'er person to unrecorded successful an beingness wherever I would privation that connected idiosyncratic due to the fact that that is sick.”

(ORIGINAL STORY): Drew Barrymore is an unfastened publication erstwhile it comes to her traumatic upbringing with abusive parents and a parent who helped alteration her to go an alcoholic and cause user by the clip she was 13 years old. However, successful a caller interview, she opened up similar ne'er earlier and seemingly admitted beingness mightiness beryllium clearer if her mother, Jaid, was dead. She besides said she’s jealous of her friends who nary longer person surviving parents. “All their moms are gone, and my mom’s not. I don’t person that luxury,” she explained to New York mag successful a illustration published connected Monday, June 5. “I cannot wait,” she added.

The 48-year-old histrion and speech amusement big past clarified her stance, saying she doesn’t privation decease upon her mom, but said beingness would beryllium easier for her if she was. “I don’t privation to unrecorded successful a authorities wherever I privation idiosyncratic to beryllium gone sooner than they’re meant to beryllium truthful I tin grow,” she said. “I really privation her to beryllium blessed and thrive and beryllium healthy. But I person to f******grow successful spite of her being connected this planet.”

Drew Barrymore momDrew Barrymore (right) is photographed connected signifier with her mom, Jaid Barrymore, (left) erstwhile she was a tween (Photo: Shutterstock)

The 50 First Dates prima clarified her sentiment erstwhile again further into the interview, confirming she did not privation thing atrocious against her mother. “I dared to accidental it, and I didn’t consciousness good,” Drew confessed. “I bash care. I’ll ne'er not care. I don’t cognize if I’ve ever known however to afloat guard, adjacent off, not feel, physique the partition up.”

Drew roseate to fame astatine property 7 aft landing her breakout relation successful E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. She became 1 of the astir in-demand actresses astatine the time, but unfortunately, her mother’s escaped absorption benignant landed Drew successful immoderate trouble. She was institutionalized astatine the property of 13 and erstwhile she got retired implicit a twelvemonth later, she was emancipated from her parents. Her father, John Drew Barrymore of the famed Barrymore acting family, was retired of the representation astir of her life. “I deliberation [my mom] created a monster, and she didn’t cognize what to bash with the monster,” Drew admitted connected The Howard Stern Show successful a 2021 interrogation astir however she got to beryllium truthful retired of control. The Never Been Kissed actress was taken successful by stone legend David Crosby, who helped her enactment connected a affirmative path.

Drew was estranged from her parent for years, but successful 2017, she confirmed that she and her erstwhile momager are successful a bully spot successful presumption of their narration via an Instagram selfie she shared connected Mother’s Day. “Proud. Me and my mom. On Mother’s Day!” she captioned the pic.

Drew gave different affirmative update connected her and Jaid’s narration a fewer years later.“My ma and I are bully now,” she noted successful a May 2021 occurrence of The Drew Barrymore Show. “It’s similar there’s conscionable immoderate bid and respect and maturity determination that could not person taken spot possibly before.”

And though Drew’s narration with her parent is connected coagulated ground, the histrion said she has to enactment connected her mindset astir her upbringing often to support growing. “I take precise consciously not to spot my beingness arsenic things that person been done to me,” she told New York magazine. “I privation to spot it arsenic the things I did and chose to do. I’m not attracted to radical who laic blasted connected others. I don’t find it sexy.”

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