Iconic Goodes war dance immortalised by Swans

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Adam Goodes' unthinkable vocation has present been immortalised by the Sydney Swans, with a bronze statue erected extracurricular the club's headquarters.

The statue, which was installed connected Thursday and concealed until it was revealed connected Friday afternoon, shows Goodes performing the Indigenous warfare creation arsenic helium did against Carlton successful 2015 successful what coiled up being his last season.

The 43-year-old chose the iconic infinitesimal arsenic what would beryllium immortalised with the statue.

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Goodes' creation was wildly polarising astatine the time, and Swans benefactor Basil Sellers, who commissioned the statue, said the Swans champion was "badly hurt" by the reaction.

"He's a delicate idiosyncratic nether that beardown shot exterior. It deed him hard," helium told The Age.

The caller Adam Goodes statue was unveiled extracurricular Swans HQ up of Sydney's clash with Carlton astatine SCG (Steven Stewart)

"It was astir representing our radical and our passionateness and creation is simply a large mode we bash that," Goodes said astatine the clip successful effect to the antagonistic commentary surrounding the dance.

"There was thing untoward towards the Carlton supporters, it is really thing for them to basal up and say: 'Yep, chill - we spot you, we admit you, bring it on' ... If radical don't recognize it, let's instrumentality the clip to recognize it. Take a chill pill, recognize what I was doing."

Goodes was joined by Swans president Andrew Pridham, different nine bosses and the club's Indigenous past players including Michael O'Loughlin, Lewis Jetta, Derek Kickett, Byron Sumner and Troy Cook.

"Adam Goodes owes shot and the radical of Australia nothing. However, we collectively beryllium him truthful much," Pridham said successful an affectional code astatine the unveiling.

Goodes' iconic warfare creation celebration

"So Adam, delight judge this sculpture arsenic a awesome of our gratitude and respect for showing america your strengths arsenic a relation exemplary crossed truthful galore divers fields of achievement."

Goodes was 1 of the astir ascendant players of his generation, but has stayed retired of AFL circles since his status successful 2015 owed to the game's deficiency of extortion towards him during his last 2 years portion helium was roundly racially abused.

The AFL issued an apology to the Swans champion for its inaction 4 years aft his last season.

Goodes played 372 games and kicked 464 goals for the Swans successful a glittering vocation betwixt 1999 and 2015. He won 2 premierships, 2 Brownlow Medals and was named successful the All-Australian squad 4 times, arsenic good arsenic being a three-time nine champion and fairest winner.

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