Melissa McCarthy’s Kids: All About Her Two Children With Husband Ben Falcone

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Melissa McCarthy daughters

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Melissa McCarthy and hubby  Ben Falcone
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Ben Falcone, Melissa McCarthy and daughter
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Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone
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Image Credit: SHADES / MEGA Melissa McCarthy is known for her comedic roles successful ‘Mike & Molly’, ‘Bridesmaids’, and more She has 2 teenage daughters with her husband, Ben Falcone Her eldest, Vivian, has expressed an involvement successful acting and has appeared successful 2 of Melissa’s movies

When Melissa McCarthy isn’t trying to bargain Ariel’s dependable successful The Little Mermaid oregon making radical ace up successful her latest comedy, she is the parent of 2 teenage girls. Melissa, 52, shares her daughters with her hubby of astir 20 years, Ben Falcone. The Thunder Force histrion has made it wide clip and clip again that though she has a majorly palmy Hollywood vocation with two Academy Award nominations to her name, being a ma is her favourite job.

“Watching the adjacent procreation [is the champion happening astir parenthood],” Melissa gushed to PEOPLE in April 2023. “There’s specified anticipation successful that they tin prevention us. There’s specified anticipation successful that they’re truthful overmuch much evolved than I was astatine that age. My satellite was truthful tiny. Watching them navigate a satellite that’s truthful overmuch much analyzable and truthful overmuch harder. And to bash it with specified grace and emotion and attraction and specified empathy for different people… Boy, you don’t privation to messiness with those 2 if you’re doing incorrect to bully people, they basal up for themselves. And I larn from that each azygous day.”

Melissa McCarthy daughtersMelissa McCarthy walks with her daughters, Georgette and Vivian (Photo: SHADES / MEGA)

Years earlier, she shared a akin connection astir the wonders of being a mom. “[There are] much joys than challenges. The challenges are just, ‘Am I doing enough?’ and being amazed and amazed by my girls,” she raved to Us Weekly successful Feb. 2019. “They’re truly astute and comic … [and] weird,” she added. “I deliberation they’re amended [than me]. They’re further on successful their young lives than I was. I consciousness similar I had to propulsion astir 30 to get their benignant of confidence, truthful I emotion seeing that.”

Melissa has surely raised immoderate awesome young women! Meet Melissa McCarthy’s kids, Vivian and Georgette, below.

Vivian Falcone

Melissa and Ben’s archetypal child, Vivian Falcone, was calved connected May 5, 2007. Vivian has taken a liking to the satellite of amusement and adjacent played a young mentation of Melissa’s quality successful 2016’s The Boss. “We were precise hesitant to bash that,” her ma admitted to Bust magazine astir casting her for the role. “By hesitant, I mean, we kept saying level retired ‘no,’ School plays? You tin bash that. You don t request to beryllium doing this arsenic a job. You’re successful school. That’s your job.”

Melissa said she yet caved erstwhile her girl asked her if she could “at slightest try,” particularly since different kids were successful the movie. “I said, ‘Okay! Great job! Do it again erstwhile you’re 20!’” Melissa past joked astir however she reacted to her daughter’s occupation good done. Georgette besides appeared successful the film, but conscionable successful a babe photograph that flashed connected the surface arsenic portion of a montage scene.

Vivian besides appeared successful 2021’s Thunder Force arsenic a younger mentation of Melissa’s character. As of May 2023, those are her lone 2 nonrecreational roles. In property notes for the film, Melissa’s husband, Ben, said Melissa purposely kept their eldest kid distant from acting, though helium admitted she’s a natural. “She’s similar her ma successful that she tin enactment successful the country and past you tin transportation her alternate ways that the country tin spell based connected what you deliberation mightiness beryllium a small funnier oregon antithetic — and she is capable to marque those adjustments. And she is lone twelve,” helium said, per Decider.

In 2020, Melissa reflected connected Vivian being astatine a transformational authorities of her beingness arsenic a young teenager. “My oldest has a truly bully caput connected her shoulders, but kids that property are ever thinking, ‘Does idiosyncratic deliberation I look silly?’ I archer them it’s each silly and we’re each idiots!” she candidly explained to PEOPLE. “The 2nd you clasp that and person existent friends, you recognize that’s the amusive part. Who is the dumbest and the goofiest? Those are the friends you’ll person each your life.”

“I emotion to spot my 2 girls conscionable genuinely say, ‘I cognize who I americium and I cognize what I similar and what I don’t like,'” she added. “And they’re kind, truthful to person each of that travel unneurotic is lovely.”

Georgette Falcone

If Georgette is funny successful acting, she has not yet had her accidental to shine. However, she has plentifulness of clip — she’s lone 13! Born connected Feb. 22, 2010, she is the 2nd and youngest kid of Melissa and Ben.

Although she has been kept distant from the spotlight, Melissa erstwhile called her a “force of nature” portion connected The Ellen DeGeneres Show successful 2020. “She’ll regularisation the satellite oregon destruct it, determination volition beryllium nary grey areas,” she confidently stated astir her youngest. Ben added,  “She told me, not excessively agelong ago, ‘You know, Daddy, someday God is going to termination me, but conjecture what? I’m coming back.’”

“Just beware, she’s retired there,” the Mike & Molly alum joked. “She’s wonderful, but beware.”

Two years later, she appeared connected Ellen DeGeneres‘ amusement erstwhile much and revealed Georgette was into dressing up and makeup. “She tries to spell close down the stairs and retired the door, and I’m like, ‘Ah ah ah, wait, what?’” Melissa recalled. “Full look of makeup, garment successful similar a ponytail holder, and similar a heeled footwear … It’s similar kabuki reddish lips and Instagram cheekbones.”

And successful Feb. 2020, Melissa revealed that Georgette received a stunt harness for her 10th birthday. “And that’s each she truly wanted,” she confirmed. “I emotion stunts truthful much, truthful I benignant of got her a babe stunt vest.”

Regardless of what her kids privation to do, whether it’s acting, makeup, oregon stunts, Melissa said she and Ben volition ever enactment them. “I deliberation we some conscionable privation them to bash thing they truly emotion and to consciousness bully astir themselves doing it,” the Emmy Award-winning histrion noted during a June 2022 occurrence of E’s Daily Pop. “It could beryllium a gecko catcher successful the Galapagos Islands oregon could beryllium acting oregon — they’re some precise artistic. So, I conscionable privation them to beryllium blessed and to benignant of pb with kindness.”

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