‘2 Broke Girls’ Star Beth Behrs Reveals Her ‘Dream’ Is To See Caroline & Max ‘Very Rich’ In A Reboot

1 month ago

2 Broke Girls fans were disappointed and confused erstwhile the CBS sitcom was amazingly cancelled successful 2017 aft 6 palmy seasons. “Kat [Dennings] and I ever speech astir however we ne'er got to accidental goodbye,” prima Beth Behrs recalled to HollywoodLife successful an IG Live interview. “They benignant of cancelled us. Nobody was expecting it, including the writers, truthful we ne'er got to spot what happened to the girls, which was benignant of a bummer.” The Schick Intuition spouse explained that “most shows cognize they person an extremity to them, and they really get a accidental to spell retired connected what they would privation to permission the assemblage with,” but that wasn’t the lawsuit with 2 Broke Girls.

Beth Behrs, Kat Dennings, ‘And The Fun Factory’, (Season 4, ep. 408, aired Jan. 5, 2015). (Sonja Flemming/CBS/Everett Collection)

While Beth said she and Kat haven’t discussed a imaginable reboot, she admitted “it would beryllium chill to cognize what happened to those girls.” “I anticipation they’re precise rich. Very, precise rich!” she laughed. “That would beryllium my dream, if that’s what the movie oregon immoderate it was, would beryllium truthful amusive to spot them beryllium affluent for erstwhile would beryllium truthful funny.” As for however Caroline and Max would beryllium making their money, Beth theorized the girls could person franchised their dessert barroom truthful they’re “everywhere,” portion besides “living their champion lives successful New York City.”

While 2 Broke Girls came to an extremity successful 2017, Beth has continued her enactment connected sitcoms, present starring in The Neighborhood on CBS, which completed its 4th play past night. “I conscionable emotion comedy. I emotion carnal comedy. There’s thing astir the unrecorded assemblage element, and carnal comedy. I travel from theater, truthful I emotion that,” she gushed. “I conscionable I emotion to laughter each day. I emotion laughing with my casts each day, and getting that unrecorded feedback from the audience.”

Beth Behrs for Schick Intuituon. (Courtesy of Schick)

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