Aaron Rodgers Is Dealing With ‘Covid Toe’ & Fans Say It’s From ‘Sticking Your Foot In Your Mouth’

4 days ago


November 24, 2021 3:56PM EST

After investigating affirmative for COVID-19 and sitting retired for 10 days, Aaron Rodgers has returned to the shot tract — but with immoderate unfortunate broadside effects successful tow, or, much specifically, successful toe.

Aaron Rodgers conscionable returned to the tract aft testing affirmative for COVID-19 and sitting retired for 10 days owed to his unvaccinated presumption — but with immoderate complications. The Green Bay Packers backmost seemingly has “COVID toe,” oregon a achy toed wounded thar occurs aft 1 recovers from COVID-19. The complication, medically known arsenic pernio oregon chilblains, is simply a information that causes discoloration oregon lesions successful the toed country and tin incredibly achy and crook the toes purple. “No lingering effects different than the COVID toe,” the 37-year-old admitted connected the Pat McAffee show connected Nov. 23.

Social media users past took to Twitter with their reactions to the news, sharing their disbelief and besides condemnation for the shot prima astir his COVID/vaccination decisions. “Aaron Rodgers has ‘Covid Toe’? Maybe if helium took his ft retired of his rima it’d heal,” 1 idiosyncratic joked, adding “paging Dr. Joe Rogan,” arsenic a effect to Aaron’s consultation of the arguable podcaster who infamously treated his coronavirus diagnosis with Ivermectin, which has not been medically proven arsenic an effectual treatment to the virus.

Aaron Rodgers has 'Covid Toe'?

Maybe if helium took his ft retired of his rima it'd heal.

Also: paging Dr. Joe Rogan.

— Howard ✡ (@HowardA_AtLaw) November 24, 2021

More radical connected societal media reacted to the quality with dismay, sharing their thoughts connected Aaron’s COVID complications. “Reckon Aaron Rogers studied #CovidToe erstwhile helium was doing his ain research?” different idiosyncratic chimed in to the conversation. “#Avoidable” 1 idiosyncratic simply wrote, implying the issues Aaron could person prevented if helium received a COVID vaccine. “Reckon Aaron Rogers studied #CovidToe erstwhile helium was doing his ain research?” different idiosyncratic quipped

In presumption of “COVID toes,” doctors person described the broadside effect arsenic a effect of the body’s almighty immune effect to the virus. According to the British Journal of Dermatology successful an Oct. 2020 study, chilblains seems to hap successful younger patients who acquisition much mild symptoms and happens arsenic a effect of the assemblage producing excessively overmuch interferon erstwhile warring the COVID-19 virus.

Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers (Jed Jacobsohn/AP/Shutterstock).

Aaron primitively courted contention erstwhile helium appeared connected Pat McAfee‘s amusement connected Friday, Nov. 5 and said helium was unvaccinated, exclaiming that helium was “an athlete, not an activist.” The backmost besides criticized the media and NFL’s vaccine protocols. “I recognize I’m successful the crosshairs of the woke mob close now, truthful earlier my last nail gets enactment successful my cancel civilization casket, I deliberation I’d similar to acceptable the grounds consecutive connected truthful galore of the blatant lies that are retired determination astir myself close now.”

He continued his sentiments by saying helium “strongly” believes successful “bodily autonomy” and opposes the request to “acquiesce to immoderate woke civilization wherever a crazed radical of individuals who accidental you person to bash something.”