AFL set to unveil radical $1.5M umpiring change

1 month ago

The AFL is acceptable to present an other tract umpire per lucifer from adjacent play successful a bid to prolong officials' careers by reducing their carnal toll.

According to The Age's Caroline Wilson, the fig of tract umpires volition emergence from 3 to 4 adjacent season, with the league having a semipermanent presumption of having 5 to six tract umpires per game.

The determination volition spot the full umpires database emergence from 34 to 42 with the AFL acceptable to ft a wage measure of up to $1.5 cardinal arsenic a effect of the move.

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"Eighty per cent of the umpires are thrilled. It means much umpires connected the list," Wilson told Nine's Footy Classified of the change.

"For the truly acceptable and incredibly agile umpires it doesn't marque a immense quality to them, (but) it's seen arsenic a mode to bring much women into umpiring.

The AFL has introduced an other umpire successful a bid to assistance trim the carnal toll connected the officials (Getty)

"I deliberation the AFL committee and the enforcement has yet listened and realised this is simply a situation successful our crippled and they request to hole it."

Former AFL manager Ross Lyon says the determination would person a large interaction connected the mode the crippled is played.

"It has a fig of flow-on effects," helium told Footy Classified.

"It would mean amended decision-making due to the fact that they're little fatigued and you tin support your amended umpires umpiring (for longer). Players accommodate and determination would beryllium little holding.

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"There volition beryllium much goals scored due to the fact that the infringements would beryllium blown (more). At either extremity you won't get distant with anything."

The summation successful the fig of umpires was 1 of 2 things connected the commission's agenda, on with the anticipation of the accepted centre bounce being abolished.

However, a determination connected the bounce is yet to beryllium finalised up of adjacent season.

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