Alt-Rock Singer SK8 Shares How ‘Girl Next Door’ Represents The Evolution Of His Sound

5 days ago

After archetypal making a splash with hip-hop, SK8 has reconnected with his punk roots connected ‘Girls Next Door,’ and helium shares however this caller absorption came about, what it’s similar moving a label, and what’s next.

Though SK8 has ne'er been acrophobic to incorporated antithetic genres successful his enactment arsenic a hip-hop artist, the Nebraska autochthonal leans heavy into the punk and stone dependable successful “Girl Next Door,” his collab with Wiz Khalifa and DVBBS. Once the chorus kicks successful – “Christian Dior, you cognize what it’s for (What it’s for) / Got a crush connected a miss adjacent doorway (Next door)” – truthful bash the drums, arsenic the hip-hop accumulation gives mode for a blast of punk rock. For SK8, who tells HollywoodLife that helium grew up “watching punk bands execute successful garages,” the opus seems to correspond coming afloat circle. He merges his past with his contiguous to marque the dependable that volition usher his future.

“This opus isn’t needfully astir falling successful love,” SK8 tells HollywoodLife. “It draws to that feeling of precocious schoolhouse nostalgia, backmost home, chilling outside, playing basketball, and reasoning astir the ‘girl adjacent door.’ There’s ne'er been a circumstantial ‘girl adjacent door,’ conscionable the thought of it.” The video brings that “nostalgic feel,” with SK8, DVBBS (Christopher and Alexandre van den Hoef), and Wiz jamming retired successful a garage.

“DVBBS and I ended up successful the workplace unneurotic 1 night, and I played them ‘Girl Next Door,’ and they truly liked it and wanted to beryllium a portion of it, truthful they added a clump of post-production,” says SK8. As for Wiz – who is nary alien to moving with stone groups – helium had thing but praise for the track. “He was like, ‘bro, you’re going determination with this one, this is dope, I emotion the sound, etc.,'” says SK8 erstwhile asked astir Khalifa’s archetypal reaction. “He conscionable truly f-cked with it and wanted to hop connected the track.”

Much similar however fooling astir successful a store oregon a chamber birthed galore euphony careers, SK8 shared that this caller grunge/punk-inspired dependable came from a infinitesimal of experimentation. “I got successful the workplace with my champion person Rook, and helium started playing guitar and unrecorded instruments implicit my beats,” helium tells HollywoodLife. “I was truly into the sound. That’s fundamentally however the dependable started to evolve.”

Evolution is the sanction of the crippled for SK8. Since arriving connected the country successful 2015 with “Like That,” alongside societal media stars Jack & Jack. Since then, he’s built a sanction for himself. He signed toArt@War with a woody astatine Atlantic (while being managed by Taylor Gang). He adjacent acceptable up his ain statement imprint, Alignment. “The champion happening astir starting alignment has been having a existent statement and corp nether my sanction that I tin yet motion artists to,” helium says.

One of those adjacent stars mightiness beryllium recovered connected TikTok. Sk8 is nary alien to societal media success. In the aboriginal stages of his career, helium built a pursuing connected Vine. Now, with everyone connected the timepiece app, SK8 is “starting to get hep to the TikTok world,” helium says. As for the adjacent large prima looking to stroke up successful TikTok, SK8 tells not to beryllium a tryhard astir it.

“My proposal is to not look for fame, and you’ll get it,” helium adds. “I don’t similar to springiness radical proposal connected however to get celebrated due to the fact that that’s not a blessed mode of life. Fame comes from immoderate you’re passionate astir and enactment hard at, truthful support grinding.”

Expect SK8 to signifier what helium preaches. He has a circuit kicking disconnected successful outpouring 2022 – “Expect a unrecorded set and a DJ,” helium says. “Expect worldly you’ve ne'er expected” – and he’s got a fewer much surprises earlier the twelvemonth is over. He says that “a mates of remixes to ‘Girl Next Door’ coming retired this year, a fewer singles, and past the medium volition follow.”