Amazon is planning a beauty products event for October to hook early holiday shoppers

6 days ago

Workers retrieve boxes astatine an Amazon fulfillment halfway connected Prime Day successful Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S., connected Monday, June 21, 2021.

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Amazon plans to clasp a quality products lawsuit successful October successful an effort to lure aboriginal vacation shoppers and boost the company's presumption successful a booming category, according to documents reviewed by CNBC.

A descent platform Amazon sent to prime quality brands said the institution is presently readying the lawsuit for Oct. 4 done Oct. 25. The aforesaid accusation was sent to immoderate consulting firms that assistance negociate businesses connected Amazon.

"We privation to gully customers backmost to Amazon during Black Friday week but besides agelong word with further selling levers," Amazon wrote successful the descent deck. "This is simply a unsocial accidental for selected brands to scope some much shoppers and caller customers."

Catie Kroon, an Amazon spokesperson, confirmed the authenticity of the document. She told CNBC by email that the lawsuit adjacent period volition beryllium called "Holiday Beauty Haul," and added that the tract volition diagnostic a fig of merchandise types, including fragrance, men's grooming and wintertime skincare.

Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, has agelong been trying to summation a bigger stock of the planetary quality market, which generates $500 cardinal successful yearly sales. The institution began offering wellness and quality products successful 2000, but its enactment was initially constricted mostly to mass-market brands.

The quality marketplace is of peculiar involvement now, arsenic consumers person flocked to the web to bargain constitution and idiosyncratic attraction items during the pandemic. Online constitution income surged 40% successful 2020 from a twelvemonth earlier, portion income of "self-care" items similar shampoo, look lavation products and lotions climbed 59%, according to marketplace probe steadfast 1010data.

Amazon hopes to usage the lawsuit to thrust postulation to upcoming vacation promotions, said 1 consultant, who had discussions with Amazon and asked to stay anonymous due to the fact that the talks were private. The institution began reaching retired to quality brands and consulting firms successful mid-August to gauge information successful the event, said Jed Rawson, CEO of e-commerce consulting bureau Pirawna.

While mostly stuck during the 2020 vacation seasons, Americans spent a grounds magnitude of wealth from their devices, according to Adobe Analytics. U.S. online purchases during November and December surged 32.2% from a twelvemonth earlier to $188.2 billion, Adobe said

In caller years, Amazon has expanded its "premium beauty" subcategory to see much high-end products and launched an indie quality store to item caller and emerging brands. It besides rolled retired specialized haircare sections and its own skincare brand.

Kroon said quality is 1 of the fastest-growing categories connected Amazon, and that it's "ripe for innovation" erstwhile it comes to merchandise find and presentation. Amazon is "uniquely positioned to reinvent" the acquisition of buying quality products online, she wrote.

The October lawsuit could besides assistance Amazon amended vie with retailers similar Ulta Beauty and LVMH-owned Sephora, said Elaine Kwon, who antecedently served arsenic a vendor manager successful Amazon's manner class and present runs consulting steadfast Kwontified. Department stores are progressively losing stock successful the quality marketplace to Ulta, Sephora and direct-to-consumer brands similar Glossier and ColourPop.

Kwon said Amazon has tried to boost its marketplace stock by featuring much starring brands connected its tract and experimenting with features similar a "clean beauty" tag, which taps into trends astir earthy and sustainable products.

"Sephora and Ulta person very, precise successfully protected their lawsuit base," Kwon said. "This is Amazon's mode of trying to scope retired to those customers and springiness them a large acquisition that makes them think, 'Maybe I don't person to spell to Sephora for each of these things, possibly I tin spell to Amazon for this oregon that.'"

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