Amy Duggar Reveals She ‘Tried’ Contacting Josh’s Wife Anna To Offer Her Help After His Arrest

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This photograph  provided by the Washington County (Ark.) Jail shows Joshua Duggar. Former world  TV Star Josh Duggar is being held successful  a northwest Arkansas jailhouse  aft  being arrested, by national  authorities, but it's unclear what charges helium  whitethorn  faceJosh Duggar Arrested, United States - 29 Apr 2021

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Amy Duggar has offered to assistance Anna Duggar, the woman of Josh Duggar (who is presently serving a 12-year situation condemnation for kid pornography charges), respective times with nary effect back, she revealed to PEOPLE magazine. “With Anna, I person tried. I person sent substance messages, I person sent emails. I’ve tried, I’ve tried. I don’t cognize if her phone’s being monitored. I don’t cognize if she’s turned it disconnected [and] she’s gotten a caller one. I’ve tried connected Instagram, I’ve tried connected Twitter. She wants thing to bash with it astatine all, and that’s her decision,” Amy (whose marital past sanction is King) told the mag successful an interrogation published connected Monday June 5.

“I recognize she has a batch of kids, and I recognize that she’s successful a precise breached place, I’m sure. I don’t privation to talk for her. I’m definite that is conscionable heartbreaking, but I besides don’t needfully deliberation she sees it yet,” Amy, 36, added. “I deliberation it’s going to instrumentality a truly agelong time. And if she ever does scope out, I americium present for her.” Anna, 34, and Josh, 35, have 7 kids, the past of which was calved astir 2 weeks earlier Josh’s kid enactment maltreatment trial. Josh and Anna’s 7 kids are each nether the property of 13, with the eldest being calved successful 2011.

Amy Duggar Anna DuggarAmy Duggar said she volition ever beryllium determination to assistance Anna Duggar (Photo: Prime Video/News Livensing/ MEGA)

As fans know, Josh has been astatine the halfway of contention implicit the past fewer years for being recovered guilty connected 2 charges of knowingly receiving and possessing images of kid pornography. Josh began his 12-year situation condemnation successful June 2022. Furthermore, successful 2015, helium admitted to molesting respective girls erstwhile helium was a teen, with 4 of them being his sisters, including Jill and Jessa. He besides confessed to cheating connected his wife.

Amy, who often appeared connected 19 Kids and Counting with her cousins, further revealed that she and her husband, Dillon, were adjacent consenting to connection Anna and her kids a spot to enactment arsenic Josh’s ineligible troubles ensued. “My hubby and I really were talking erstwhile each this archetypal came out, and I said, ‘Honey, we person country to invited each of those kids and Anna into our home. We person bunk beds, we could bash thing truly cool,'” she remembered. “And helium was like, ‘You’re right.’ He was like, ‘We could.’ He was like, ‘Let’s scope retired and spot what we tin do.'”

Josh Duggar and woman  Anna Duggar Josh Duggar and woman Anna Duggar get astatine tribunal successful Dec. 2021 (Photo: Toby Canham/News Licensing/MEGA)

She continued, “I offered it, and that’s truly each I tin bash is conscionable anticipation and commune that she opens her eyes. That’s each you tin do. Honestly, it sucks. It conscionable sucks due to the fact that I privation to beryllium determination and I privation to help, and it doesn’t person to impact cameras oregon fame oregon anything. It’s conscionable household reaching retired to family. Unfortunately, she doesn’t spot it.”

Amy has been rather outspoken astir her household implicit the years and adjacent publically admitted she thinks Josh should person gotten a heavier prison sentence. “Twelve and a fractional years isn’t enough,” Amy told Celebuzz! successful a May 2022 statement. “But I anticipation that each azygous 2nd he’s determination feels similar an eternity.”

Amy besides partook successful Amazon’s caller docuseries, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, which explores the Duggar family’s life down TLC cameras and the spiritual enactment they follow, Institute successful Basic Life Principles (IBLP). In the doc, Amy claimed that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sent Josh to an IBLP campy for “troubled boys” aft they learned helium had inappropriately touched his sisters. She said Josh’s whereabouts were kept connected the down and his parents told radical helium was “helping families physique homes.” She besides accused Jim Bob and Michelle, her uncle and aunt, of utilizing carnal punishment to enforce obedience successful her kids.

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