Anna Faris Confirms She’s Married To Michael Barrett: ‘We Eloped’

4 days ago


July 22, 2021 12:28AM EDT

Anna Faris and Michael Barrett are married! The histrion confirmed the quality connected her podcast, revealing that the 2 softly tied the knot successful Washington.

Anna Faris got hitched! The actress, 44, confirmed that she and Michael Barrett softly eloped astatine a courthouse successful Washington connected the latest occurrence of her podcast Anna Faris is Unqualified with impermanent Gail Simmons earlier this week. Anna nonchalantly broke the quality and apologized to her cinematographer hubby for spilling the beans.

anna faris and michael barrettAnna Faris and Michael Barrett (MB / MEGA)

Reflecting connected the strangeness of the past year, Anna said, “I deliberation we’ve spent the past twelvemonth successful a spot of reflection, successful a spot of benignant of prioritization to immoderate degree, a spot of anxiety, a spot of like, assessment.” She past called Michael her husband: “But I’m looking around, conscionable my fiancé’s right.. he’s present my husband.”

When Gail congratulated the prima connected the nuptials, Anna responded, “Yes, we eloped. I’m sorry, honey. I conscionable blurted that out, but it conscionable feels [like] I can’t accidental fiancé anymore.” She continued, “Thank you, it was awesome. It feels great. It was astatine a section courthouse up successful Washington state. It was great.” HollywoodLife has reached retired to Anna’s rep for further comment.

The histrion told Gail that she likewise broke the quality successful a nonchalant mode to her family, too. “We saw my household and it benignant of slipped retired the aforesaid way,” Anna said. “My aunt asked me, ‘You are going to beryllium a stepmom. How are you feeling astir that?’ and I said, ‘Well, actually, I americium a stepmom arsenic of similar 4 days ago,’ but it was great.” (Like Anna, the cinematographer has 1 son.)

anna faris and michael barrettAnna Faris and Michael Barrett (SplashNews)

Anna added that the 2 tied the knot astatine San Juan Islands and called it the “most magical spot connected earth.” The nuptials people the comedian’s 3rd marriage. She was past joined to histrion Chris Pratt betwixt 2009 and 2018. The exes stock lad Jack, 8, together.

The podcast interrogation flew nether the radar a bit: Michael was photographed with a band connected his wedding digit connected Wednesday, July 21 portion astatine a Mexican edifice with his caller woman and stepson, prompting matrimony speculation crossed assorted outlets. The latest realization of Anna’s latest podcast confirms the news.

The Mom histrion announced the engagement successful February 2020 during an quality connected the The Late Late Show, showing disconnected her awesome diamond ringing to big James Corden. The 2 had been dating for astir 4 years anterior to the engagement. Congratulations are successful bid for Anna and Michael!