Anwar Hadid ‘Holding Out Hope’ For A Reconciliation With Dua Lipa 3 Weeks After Split

1 week ago


January 13, 2022 5:11PM EST

Anwar’s sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid look to beryllium connected the aforesaid leafage arsenic they ‘absolutely adore’ Dua and ‘wish things enactment out’ betwixt the exes.

Anwar Hadid isn’t acceptable to fto go! The 22-year-old exemplary is hoping to get backmost together with his ex Dua Lipa, 26, aft they broke their two-year narration disconnected successful December. A root EXCLUSIVELY shared with HollywoodLife that though the brace person breached up successful the past, with the latest divided appearing “for bully this time,” Anwar inactive sees a airy astatine the extremity of the tunnel. “Anwar is inactive holding retired anticipation for a reconciliation,” the insider reported connected January 13. “Dua seems to person moved on, but Anwar hasn’t fixed up anticipation yet. Even though Dua and Anwar broke up, they’re inactive connected bully presumption and there’s nary atrocious humor betwixt them.”

Dua LipaAnwar Hadid is holding retired anticipation helium tin reconcile with Dua Lipa. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

It appears Anwar’s supermodel sisters, Gigi and Bella Hadid, are connected the aforesaid leafage arsenic their brother, arsenic they person had a adjacent relationship with the “Future Nostalgia” vocalist for years. “Gigi and Bella person besides remained affable with Dua and they’re hoping they tin enactment things out. They perfectly adore her and they privation things enactment retired betwixt them due to the fact that they deliberation [Dua and Anwar] were truthful bully together.”

The sisters’ sentiment surely lines up with HollywoodLife’s previous reporting, wherever an insider EXCLUSIVELY said Gigi and Bella hoped to proceed being adjacent to Dua, contempt the split. “Bella and Gigi were bully friends with Dua earlier she and Anwar started dating. That’s really however they began seeing each different successful the archetypal place. So they perfectly program connected maintaining their relationship with her.” However, the information remains they are inactive upset to spot the brace going their abstracted ways. “They’re decidedly bittersweet astir the full concern due to the fact that they look astatine Dua arsenic a sister,” the insider added.

In December, it was reported Anwar and Dua divided nether amicable conditions aft archetypal starting a romance successful June 2019. During their clip together, the brace shared galore a romanticist day nighttime out, with Dua adjacent saying astatine 1 constituent that her narration with Anwar was the most “comfortable” she’d ever felt with idiosyncratic else. Perhaps their enslaved is excessively strong, and the young lovers volition find their mode backmost to each other! Keep your fingers crossed, fans!