Major natural gas investor sees signs prices are bottoming

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Oil remains successful  range… but has earthy  state  descent  bottomed out?

The capitalist who ran the country's biggest earthy state ETF said helium believes prices person deed bottom.

John Love, who managed the United States Natural Gas Fund, cites planetary request and accumulation dynamics for his bull case.

"They're [producers] looking to the future," the U.S. Commodity Funds CEO told CNBC's "ETF Edge" this week. "This immense export accidental that's increasing is truly what they've got their eyes on."

Producers are coming disconnected a unsmooth span. Natural gas prices roseate 6% this week and conscionable notched their 4th affirmative week successful five.

"We fundamentally had a play coming retired of Covid wherever things were looking beauteous bully for earthy gas, and past you person this imaginable proviso shock," helium said. "And then, that didn't materialize."

Russia reduced vigor flows to Europe up of past winter. Since then, respective European countries including Germany person announced new LNG, oregon liquefied earthy gas, projects oregon are expanding existing ones to trim their dependence connected earthy state exports.

Teucrium Trading CEO Sal Gilbertie said helium believes earthy state has been trying to physique a bottommost implicit the past 4 to six weeks. According to Gilbertie, it sets the signifier for a imaginable rally.

"You've got LNG plants coming backmost online that were off," helium said. "Natural state really looks beauteous stable."

Gilbertie, whose steadfast focuses connected the U.S. agriculture market, besides points to a bullish seasonal trend.

"The request successful the U.S. for peaking units for summertime vigor is going to prime up," helium added.

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