Ashley Olsen Makes First Red Carpet Appearance In 2 Years With BF Louis Eisner — Photos

3 weeks ago

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September 24, 2021 9:32AM EDT

The decorator and erstwhile histrion stepped backmost into the spotlight portion attending a non-profit’s day lawsuit with her fellow of 4 years.

It was large nighttime connected the town! Ashley Olsen made her archetypal reddish carpet quality since 2019, portion attending the Young Eisner Scholar’s 20th day solemnisation successful Beverly Hills connected Thursday September 23. The 35-year-old decorator attended the lawsuit with her boyfriend Louis Eisner, 33. The solemnisation was a fundraiser for the organization, which seeks to assistance students successful underserved communities, and was founded by Louis’ father Eric.

Ashley, 35, and Louis, 33, some posed astatine the nonprofit event. (Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

The mates some looked fabulous connected the reddish carpet. Louis went for a elemental and classical look, wearing a suit with a achromatic garment and nary tie. Ashley sported an each achromatic look with a agelong overcoat implicit her beauteous gown. She accessorized with aureate earrings, and she seemed incredibly pleased to beryllium attending event, arsenic she showed a tiny smile, portion she stood with her beau by her side.

The foundation lawsuit marked Ashley’s archetypal reddish carpet lawsuit successful 2 years. (Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

The past clip Ashley graced a reddish carpet was successful 2019, erstwhile she appeared astatine the Met Gala on with her duplicate sister Mary-Kate, erstwhile the 2 wore beauteous all-leather ensembles, via Yahoo News. While Ashley hasn’t made galore reddish carpet appearances successful caller years, she has been seen retired and about with Louis, including backmost successful July, erstwhile the mates took a somewhat unconventional hike, wherever Ashley strutted done the woods, holding a brew and wielding a machete. The mates person been seen connected much accepted day nights, similar getting meal successful New York successful March.

Besides Louis, the former Full House star has besides been seen retired with her duplicate sister, similar erstwhile the 2 were spotted taking a fume break successful New York earlier successful September. The iconic twins besides gave a uncommon interrogation successful June to Vice’s i-D wherever they shared their penchant for a discreet lifestyle portion commemorating the 15th day of The Row. “We truly didn’t privation to beryllium successful beforehand of it. We didn’t needfully adjacent privation to fto radical cognize it was us, successful a way,” Ashley said. “I mean, it was 1 of those things wherever it was truly astir the product, to the constituent wherever we’re like, ‘Who could we get to benignant of beforehand this truthful we don’t person to?’ I think, to this day, you’ll spot we truly enactment the merchandise first.”