Astronomers question if the first picture of a black hole is accurate

1 month ago

The Event Horizon Telescope’s archetypal representation of a achromatic spread showed a distinctive ringing feature, but a reanalysis of their information has raised concerns implicit whether that ringing of airy is real

Space 19 May 2022

By Leah Crane


Artist’s practice of the achromatic spread astatine the centre of the M87 galaxy

Shutterstock / Vadim Sadovski

There whitethorn beryllium a occupation with the first representation of a achromatic hole. After 3 years of analysis, a radical of researchers successful Japan has produced an representation of M87* – the supermassive achromatic spread astatine the centre of the M87 postulation – that looks markedly antithetic from the 1 released by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration successful 2019. The researchers assertion that the EHT radical whitethorn person made a large mistake.

To marque the archetypal achromatic spread …

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