Aussie star penalised for ridiculous appeal

4 days ago

Australian cricket prima Marnus Labuschagne has been fined owed to an incidental of excessive appealing successful a Sheffield Shield lucifer (watch video above).

Labuschagne, who represents Queensland astatine Sheffield Shield level, was recovered blameworthy of excessive appealing against Tasmania during a lucifer past week.

The 27-year-old managed to debar a dissent charge.

The incidental came astir erstwhile Labuschagne ran the magnitude of the pitch, with his arms raised successful the aerial successful an entreaty that helium appeared definite would spell successful his favour.

Marnus Labuschagne of the Queensland Bulls bowls during time 4 of the Sheffield Shield lucifer betwixt Queensland and Tasmania (Getty)

The delivery, which progressive Tasmanian batter Lawrence Neil-Smith, struck the batsman connected the beforehand pad.

While Labuschagne celebrated, the umpire remained still, apt deeming that the transportation bounced extracurricular the enactment of limb stump.

The incidental came to the delight of chap Australian stars Tim Paine and David Warner, who some appeared to marque airy of the concern connected Twitter.

Labuschagne's actions connected the tract person often travel nether the spotlight.

Former Australia skipper Ian Chappell made circumstantial notation of Labuschagne earlier this year, who helium said was a premier culprit of dilatory walking from the field.

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"Marnus is simply a atrocious example, helium takes everlastingly to get disconnected the tract but he's not the lone 1 and determination are plentifulness of others and from different countries. I conscionable don't recognize it," Chappell 2GB'S Wide World of Sports radio.

"You've ne'er had truthful galore constabulary officers astatine a cricket grounds: referees, 3rd umpires, 4th umpires.

"It's clip for them to accidental 'hey listen, what the hellhole is going on? When you're fixed out, get connected your motorcycle and get connected your motorcycle existent quick'."

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