'Baby' ripped for dummy spit after all-time upset

1 week ago

After a daze archetypal circular nonaccomplishment to an amateur astatine the UK Championship, Snooker prima Shaun Murphy declared "amateurs should not beryllium allowed successful nonrecreational tournaments".

As you tin ideate the absorption did not gone down well.

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Murphy, runner-up successful this year's World Championship, fought backmost from 5-1 down lone for 19-year-old Chinese amateur Si Jiahui to triumph the deciding frame, to instrumentality it 6-5.

The 39-year-old, who was satellite champion successful 2005, couldn't fell his displeasure aft the loss, telling BBC Radio: "I americium going to dependable similar a grumpy aged antheral but that young antheral shouldn't beryllium successful the tournament."

Si was invited to vie successful the 128-man tourney arsenic an amateur top-up successful the tract and dropped disconnected the main circuit astatine the extremity of past season.

"I consciousness highly hard done by that I person mislaid to idiosyncratic who shouldn't adjacent beryllium successful the building," said Murphy, the 2005 satellite champion, pursuing a lucifer that finished adjacent to midnight section clip Tuesday.

"This is our livelihood. This is our living. We are self-employed individuals... It is wrong, successful my opinion, to locomotion into idiosyncratic who is not playing with the aforesaid pressures and concerns I am.

England's Shaun Murphy says "it's not fair". (Getty)

"He played similar a antheral who does not person a attraction successful the world, due to the fact that helium does not person a attraction successful the world.

"I americium not picking connected him arsenic a young man, helium deserved his victory. Amateurs should not beryllium allowed successful nonrecreational tournaments, the end.

"It is not fair, it is not right."

The World Snooker Tour, responded by saying they "strongly disagree" with Murphy's comments adding Si, though an amateur, deserved a spot based connected his results.

"He trains and competes afloat clip successful the anticipation of earning a guaranteed circuit place, truthful they are competing nether important unit with nary guarantees."

However, reigning UK champion, Australian Neil Robertson, said helium sympathised with Murphy.

"When you're playing 1 of the Chinese boys, immoderate of them are amateurs, but immoderate are arsenic bully arsenic anybody successful the apical 50 successful the world," helium said.

"Amateurs are nether a wholly antithetic unit wherever there's really nary pressure, due to the fact that they're not competing for ranking points.

"They're fundamentally connected a escaped deed astatine a pro, truthful I wholly hold with what Shaun's saying there, due to the fact that it is precise dangerous."

The comments caused a disturbance successful the UK, with commentator Piers Morgan weighing successful connected the substance implicit Twitter.

Retweeting the news, Morgan captioned his tweet with: "What a monolithic baby."

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