BBC drops England great for Ashes series

1 week ago

Former England cricket skipper Michael Vaughan was dropped by the BBC due to the fact that of his engagement successful the racism contention enveloping region nine Yorkshire.

Vaughan has been accused of utilizing racially insensitive comments toward a radical of players of Asian ethnicity successful 2009 portion they were astatine Yorkshire.

Vaughan has denied the allegations and said his estimation has been “trashed unfairly,” calling it “the worst happening I person ever experienced.”

The BBC, which uses Vaughan arsenic a pundit, said it wasn’t presently due for him to person a relation successful sum of the upcoming Ashes bid against Australia and for wider elements of the athletics “while helium is progressive successful a important communicative successful cricket.”

"For editorial reasons we bash not judge that it would beryllium due for Michael Vaughan to person a relation successful our Ashes squad oregon wider sum of the athletics astatine the moment," the broadcaster said successful a statement.

“We necessitate our contributors to speech astir applicable topics and his engagement successful the Yorkshire communicative represents a struggle of interest.”

Former England skipper Michael Vaughan. (Getty)

Azeem Rafiq, the whistleblower whose revelations astir the racism and bullying helium suffered astatine Yorkshire has sparked a situation successful the English game, was the archetypal to marque the allegation that Vaughan said successful 2009 of the 4 players of Asian heritage: “There are excessively galore of you lot; we request to bash thing astir it.”

Rafiq was 1 of the 4 players successful question. Two much — Adil Rashid and Pakistan planetary Rana Naved-ul-Hasan — person besides said they overheard Vaughan’s alleged remarks.

Vaughan mightiness inactive beryllium heard successful Britain during the Ashes done his scheduled enactment for Australian rights-holder Fox Sports, which volition supply the audio for BT Sport’s sum of the series.

The England and Wales Cricket Board has suspended Yorkshire from hosting planetary matches implicit its “wholly unacceptable” effect to the racism faced by Rafiq, portion immoderate of the club’s sponsors are ending deals.

Last week, British sports curate Nigel Huddleston called for cricket to “get its location successful order” and raised the anticipation of autarkic regularisation if it did not.

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