Beautiful moment after star tells crowd to 'wait'

3 months ago

Veteran French subordinate Alize Cornet reduced Australian tennis fable Jelena Dokic to tears arsenic the brace shared a beauteous on-court infinitesimal astatine Rod Laver Arena.

Cornet, 32, had astir fixed up anticipation of ever playing successful a Grand Slam 4th final, truthful emotions were moving precocious erstwhile she yet achieved the feat successful her 63rd large tournament.

She had ne'er antecedently progressed past the 4th round.

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Her triumph contiguous implicit erstwhile satellite No.1 Simona Halep was the archetypal clip Cornet had played successful the 4th circular of an Australian Open since 2009.

Cornet stunned aft career-best victory

That year, she fell connected the incorrect broadside of different marathon match, and narrowly missed retired connected facing Dokic successful the 4th finals.

After beating Halep 6-4 3-6 6-4, Cornet paid a beauteous tribute to the retired Aussie and reminisced astir that tourney 13 years ago.

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"I wanted to play against you truthful bad. I wanted to play against you truthful bad," Cornet told Dokic on-court.

"I was truthful disappointed. I loved your crippled and I was truthful excited astir playing a quarter-final against you and I couldn't and it was truly painful.

"Now 13 years later, you're here, I'm inactive here."

Simona Halep vs Alizé Cornet: Australian Open 2022 | Tennis Highlights

The interrogation ended and Dokic farewelled Cornet to the crowd, but past the Frenchwoman grabbed the microphone to wage 1 last, tribute to her friend.

"Wait, wait. So I conscionable privation to convey my container first, but besides I privation to archer you something," Cornet said to Dokic.

"How you moved connected successful your life, I deliberation we tin each congratulate you. You were an astonishing subordinate and present an astonishing commentator."

Dokic burst into tears.

"You conscionable made maine cry. I can't judge I'm crying. Thank you," Dokic said arsenic the brace embraced connected the court.

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