‘Before The 90 Days’ Preview: Jasmine Orders Gino To Pay For Lavish Vacay After Lackluster Gift

7 months ago

Exclusive Video

January 14, 2022 10:00AM EST

Jasmine is not blessed astir the acquisition she received from Gino for Christmas. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Before the 90 Days,’ Jasmine reveals precisely however Gino tin marque it up to her — by paying for a vacation!

Gino, 51, traveled down to Panama to beryllium with his caller girlfriend, Jasmine, 34, and they conscionable celebrated Christmas together. However, Jasmine doesn’t deliberation Gino did each helium could bash to marque Christmas peculiar for her. “Jasmine is upset due to the fact that she gave maine immoderate custom, precise good thoughtful gifts and she feels similar I should person gotten her much than conscionable the powerfulness toothbrush I gave her. It decidedly enactment a damper connected the remainder of Christmas,” Gino says successful this EXCLUSIVE preview of the January 16 occurrence of Before the 90 Days.

He decides to spell to the gym with Jasmine to marque effort to marque her smile. Gino’s program fails drastically. “I’m really utilized to enactment retired alone. I don’t similar anyone telling maine anything,” she says.

GinoGino faces the euphony astir his less-than stellar gift. (TLC)

Gino asks Jasmine however helium tin marque up for his lackluster Christmas. Turns out, she’s already thought of an idea. She’s planned an astonishing 4-day travel to an land successful Panama. “You request to wage for it,” she tells Gino.

The travel is going to outgo $2,500. Gino balks astatine the precocious outgo of the vacation, and Jasmine’s not done yet. She’s readying to prime up thing costly arsenic well. Gino says that helium wishes Jasmine would person spoken to him astir this beforehand.

“That’s cheaper than immoderate different travel you person taken earlier with different women,” Jasmine replies. “I’m not worthy arsenic they were?” Gino is stuck betwixt a stone and a hard spot astatine this point. “You’re worthy it to me, truthful I’ll bash it,” helium promises. That’s precisely what Jasmine wanted to hear. “Obedient, that’s however I similar it,” she says.

JasmineJasmine explains however Gino tin wage for her vacation. (TLC)

Gino met Jasmine connected an planetary dating tract aft divorcing his Brazilian woman of 7 years. He is hoping to suggest and get Jasmine large by the extremity of his travel truthful that helium tin person the household he’s ever wanted. Before the 90 Days season 5 airs Sundays astatine 8 p.m. connected TLC.