‘Below Deck’ Star Captain Lee Reveals Why ‘RHOA’ Alum Cynthia Bailey Is His Favorite Bravolebrity

3 months ago

Exclusive Interview

January 27, 2022 4:53PM EST

Capt. Lee told HL however Cynthia Bailey ‘couldn’t person been much different’ from his archetypal sentiment astir the erstwhile Housewife erstwhile they met connected a charter.

Captain Lee Rosbach has a full batch of emotion for a peculiar Bravo prima — oregon rather, a former Bravo star. The 72-year-old Below Deck star spoke to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY to beforehand his concern with BACARDI Spiced Rum, during which helium revealed he’s a large instrumentality of Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Cynthia Bailey, 54. In fact, Captain Lee said that aft the world stars met connected 1 of his charter yachts during play 3 of Below Deck, the beloved skipper sailed distant with a newfound sentiment connected Cynthia.

Captain LeeCaptain Lee of ‘Below Deck’ (Photo: BRAVO)

“She’s a batch of fun. We really had her connected charter,” Captain Lee said astir Cynthia, who recently quit RHOA after 11 seasons, and is among the formed of Celebrity Big Brother 3. “And I was conscionable like, ‘Oh, my God. Housewives of Atlanta.’ I’m reasoning precocious maintenance. Really a pain, demanding. And she was connected determination with Claudia Jordan arsenic well. And [she] couldn’t person been much different,” helium added. “Not demanding astatine all.”

Captain Lee went connected to accidental that helium “had such a large time” with Cynthia, who besides boarded the charter years agone with her parent Barbara and girl Noelle Robinson, present 22. The voyage was for Cynthia’s day and was broadcast connected the November 3, 2015 occurrence of Below Deck. “We conscionable had a ball,” Captain Lee told HL.

Cynthia BaileyCynthia Bailey of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ (Photo: Bravo)

Another Bravo prima that Captain Lee is simply a large instrumentality of is Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm. He told HL helium watches that amusement and The Real Housewives of New York City occasionally, but the Bravo bid helium tunes into the astir is of course, his own. “I can’t tweet unrecorded if I’m not watching,” Captain Lee said. “It’s a elephantine joyousness doing it. I truly similar interacting with fans. I would accidental 99% of my fans are each conscionable really, truly large people. And they’re they’re precise protective. They similar their amusement and don’t messiness with it.”

Captain LeeCaptain Lee promoting BACARDI Spiced Rum (Photo: Courtesy of Captain Lee Rosbach/Instagram)

And erstwhile helium isn’t chartering yachts, Captain Lee likes to unbend and bask a portion (or two) of the BACARDI Spiced Rum astatine location successful Florida. His portion of choice incorporates lukewarm cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg flavors resulting successful a refreshingly lukewarm tone with nary bite. “It’s got specified a unsocial spirit to it,” Captain Lee explained. “And it’s got a small smoky cognition towards it, which they’ve incorporated good into that liquor, truthful I truly bask it.”

The world prima added, “But it ever seems a small much festive around Christmas time erstwhile you tin premix it with immoderate eggnog. I beryllium backmost with my BACARDI Spiced Rum and eggnog and my woman [Mary Anne Rosbach] decorates the tree. I connection to assistance and she politely declines each year. So I conscionable beryllium determination with my BACARDI Spiced, my eggnog, and bask the festivities.”