Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Making Thanksgiving A ‘Family Affair’ With Their Kids

3 days ago


November 25, 2021 9:20AM EST

It’s Thanksgiving – and everyone’s invited! HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned however Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck volition marque definite that their kids travel archetypal this vacation – and that includes involving Ben’s ex, Jennifer Garner.

Thanksgiving is traditionally a clip astir household – and erstwhile you’re Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, you person plenty of family to spell around. Jen, 52, is the arrogant parent of 13-twins Emme and Max, portion Ben, 49, shares 3 kids – Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and 9-year-old Samuel – with Jennifer Garner. So, connected this time of turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and gratitude, Ben and J.Lo are “going to marque this Thanksgiving a household affair,” a root adjacent to the mates tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “They are each looking to stock clip unneurotic and stock clip with their kids.”

Don’t interest astir Jennifer Garner, 49, due to the fact that the insider tells HollywoodLife that Ben volition marque definite their 3 kids walk clip with their parent today. Ben and his ex-wife “have been capable to fig retired their schedules to co-parent to their champion intentions, and with that successful mind, everyone is going to beryllium seeing each different this vacation weekend,” says the insider, adding that determination are “zero issues” betwixt Ben and the Alias star. “They person it each scheduled and figured out. The kids are going to beryllium everywhere, and Ben and J.Lo are going to walk clip together. It each is going to enactment retired arsenic simply arsenic it perchance can. There are nary issues that volition beryllium coming up this vacation weekend, [and] everyone is connected the aforesaid page.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Jennifer and Ben person truly acceptable the barroom precocious erstwhile it comes to “exes goals.” The erstwhile mates – who split successful 2015 and finalized their divorce successful 2018 – person enactment speech immoderate past issues portion focusing connected raising their 3 kids. This Thanksgiving, adjacent with Ben successful the throes of his rekindled romance with J.Lo, won’t beryllium antithetic than immoderate other. “Ben and Jen [Garner] get on arsenic co-parents amended than anybody,” a 2nd root tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “but that besides means they’ve worked retired the kinks to guarantee everyone is connected the aforesaid leafage erstwhile it comes to these things.”

J.Lo, her girl Esme, and Ben aft having meal together. (BACKGRID)

“Ben and Jen volition some beryllium celebrating the holidays with their kids,” the 2nd insider shares, “and Ben and J.Lo volition besides walk the holidays with each their kids. They recognize that the kids ever travel first, and the information that they walk clip with some parents is important. J.Lo knows that Jen volition ever beryllium successful Ben’s life, and she respects her arsenic a ma who adores her children conscionable arsenic much.” So, expect a Happy Thanksgiving for everyone this year!