Bill Gates’ Daughter Jennifer, 25: Photos Of Wedding Tents On Her $16 Million Estate Before Marriage

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October 13, 2021 2:25PM EDT

Jennifer Gates’ upcoming wedding to fiancé Nayel Nassar is already being acceptable up successful upstate NY astatine her North Salem farm, which her parents bought for $16 million.

It’s astir clip for Jennifer Gates to locomotion down the aisle! The 25-year-old girl of caller divorcees Bill Gates, 65, and Melinda French Gates, 57, is expected to wed fiancé Nayel Nassar, 30, very soon, and the wedding preparations are already coming along! New photos — which tin beryllium seen HERE — amusement tents being acceptable up connected Wednesday (Oct. 13) astatine Jennifer’s luxurious 124-acre equine workplace successful North Salem, New York, which volition service arsenic the venue for the nuptials. Bill and Melinda purchased the $16 cardinal spot successful 2018 and talented it to Jennifer aft she graduated from Stanford University, according to Daily Mail.

Jennifer Gates and Nayel NassarJennifer Gates and Nayel Nassar astatine the International Longines Global Champions Tour successful Madrid, Spain connected May 17, 2019 (Photo: Angel Naval/MARINA PRESS/Shutterstock)

Before the tents were erected, workers constructed raised pavilions with floor-to-ceiling windows connected the tract and a semi-circular signifier for the wedding, per the New York Post. An “acquaintance” of Jennifer told Daily Mail that “everything is being tastefully done, adjacent the port-a-potties are beautifully designed.” The upcoming matter is expected to outgo “at least” $2 million, per reports.

Jennifer got engaged to Nayel, an Egyptian nonrecreational equestrian, backmost successful January 2020. The wedding volition reunite her parents, who finalized their divorce in August, 3 months aft they announced their split. In mid-September, Melinda hosted a bridal ablution for her daughter, who marked the juncture connected Instagram with photos from the “incredibly peculiar celebration.

Jennifer Gates and Nayel NassarJennifer Gates and Nayel Nassar astatine the Jumping Eiffel successful Paris connected June 26, 2021 (Photo: AbacaPress/SplashNews)

Bill and Melinda were joined for 25 years earlier deciding to portion ways successful May. Jennifer subsequently reacted to the quality of her parents’ divorcement successful a connection posted to her Instagram Story. “It’s been a challenging agelong of clip for my full family. I’m inactive learning however to champion enactment my ain process and emotions arsenic good arsenic my household members astatine this clip and americium grateful for the abstraction to bash so,” she wrote.

Weeks later, Bill admitted helium had an affair during his matrimony to Melinda. The 2 didn’t person a prenuptial oregon postnuptial agreement, and Melinda besides refused to question spousal support from the Microsoft co-founder (whose luck is worthy an estimated $130 billion.) The mates did have a separation declaration that decided however they’d disagreement up their assets, but it was not filed with the court.