Bitter end for Turbo's amazing season

3 weeks ago

It mightiness person been an unsatisfying extremity for the Manly Sea Eagles' season, but Tom Trbojevic inactive had clip to interruption 1 much grounds earlier the play ended.

Trbojevic's precocious consolation effort broke the grounds for astir tries successful a play by a Manly Sea Eagles player, acceptable by Phil Blake successful 1983.

He besides pulled level with Alex Johnston for the 2021 apical tryscorer, earlier the Bunnies winger crossed successful the last moments.

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"That is the grounds for astir tries successful a play for a Manly player," Mat Thompson said arsenic Trbojevic crossed the stripe.

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"Just goes implicit and breaks the record, what a freakish player," said Andrew Johns.

Paul Vautin said that the crippled vindicated his sentiment that erstwhile each was said and done, the fullback would spell down arsenic the top ever subordinate to propulsion connected the maroon jersey.

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"I've really been saying it for astir 3 oregon 4 years - radical volition spell 'what astir this bloke and that bloke and Bozo [Bob Fulton] and Graham Eadie' but I'm talking astatine the extremity of his career, which mightiness beryllium successful six oregon 7 years time, I deliberation helium volition person surpassed everyone," Vautin said.

"He's halfway determination now."

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