Blake Moynes Admits He’s Never Got A ‘Heads Up’ About Katie & John’s Big Relationship Reveal

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November 25, 2021 11:39AM EST

Blake Moynes is speaking retired astir his feelings regarding Katie Thurston and John Hersey’s romance. He ne'er got a ‘heads up’ they were announcing their narration and recovered retired with the remainder of the world.

Blake Moynes was blindsided by the quality of Katie Thurston and John Hersey’s rekindled relationship, particularly since helium recovered retired online similar everybody else. Blake spoke retired for the archetypal clip astir Katie and John’s romance successful the November 24 occurrence of the Talking It Out With Bachelor Nation podcast.

“On Day 12, radical were like, ‘Do you deliberation it’s going to beryllium John?’ And I was like, ‘No, it’s going to beryllium astir herself and [how] she reinvented and recovered herself successful this [process],’” Blake said. “So erstwhile that dropped … I had to propulsion implicit due to the fact that my telephone was going nuts. I pulled implicit successful a Best Buy parking batch and everyone was ringing me, they were like, ‘There’s nary f**king way.'”

Blake Moynes Katie ThurstonBlake Moynes and Katie Thurston aft getting engaged. (ABC)

Blake admitted that helium wished Katie had told him what was going connected earlier everyone other recovered out. “I was shocked, too. I conscionable thought that she mightiness astatine slightest archer maine connected the side,” the wildlife manager confessed. “Just due to the fact that we person had precise cordial, casual conversations [since the breakup]. We haven’t had 1 successful a while… But, you know, they’ve been precise cordial and precise good. So wherefore not scope retired to maine and archer maine that, astatine least, to springiness maine a heads up?”

Despite their breakup and Katie moving on, Blake doesn’t person immoderate hard feelings towards his ex. However, this latest crook of events doesn’t assistance things. “I inactive retrieve however blessed I was successful that infinitesimal [when I proposed],” Blake said. “But, like, this past small straw is precise frustrating for maine to privation to support holding connected to being like, ‘No regrets, nary regrets.’ And that’s what’s annoying… I conscionable privation it to spell away.”

Blake and Katie got engaged astatine the extremity of The Bachelorette play 17. They announced their divided successful October 2021 aft less than a twelvemonth of dating. “It is with communal emotion and respect that we person decided to spell our abstracted ways,” Katie and Blake said successful their associated statement. “We are truthful grateful for the moments we shared unneurotic and the full travel that has unfolded this year, but we yet person concluded that we are not compatible arsenic beingness partners, and it is the astir caring prime for some of america to determination guardant independently.”

Katie Thurston John HerseyKatie Thurston and John Hersey connected ‘The Bachelorette.’ (ABC)

There had been speculation swirling astir Katie and John aft her breakup with Blake. During the last time of her “12 Days of Messy,” Katie hinted that she was dating John by featuring him successful her video. John and Katie confirmed their relationship successful a large mode erstwhile John posted a PDA-filled TikTok video connected November 23.