Bobby Bones Reveals Why He Had A ‘No Phone’ Policy At His Wedding To Caitlin Parker: ‘It Was Amazing’

1 week ago


September 14, 2021 3:01PM EDT

Bobby Bones and Caitlin Parker’s July 17th wedding was a stunning backyard fete. Bobby spoke to HL astir the beauteous nuptials & however they made definite they were contiguous each night.

While everyone loves snapping distant erstwhile the bride walks down the aisle, oregon taking selfies with your +1 connected the creation floor, Bobby Bones and Caitlin Parker implemented a ‘No Phone’ regularisation astatine their July 17th wedding, and the vigor big says it made it each the difference. “Some radical had told america that the nighttime is going to alert by and we’re conscionable going to instrumentality pictures the full time. And we were like, ‘We don’t privation to bash that,'” Bobby explained connected the HollywoodLife Podcast, portion discussing his ongoing concern with DogChow for Service Dog Awareness Month. “So we had a cheque successful spot, and it was close by her garage, and everybody checked their phones. And I retrieve the wedding — each portion of it — it didn’t expanse maine away, due to the fact that of the nary phones rule. It was truly amazing.”

While Bobby was successful complaint of getting the performers for the large day, helium admitted that Caitlin did beauteous overmuch “everything else.” “I’m not going to instrumentality immoderate recognition for readying the wedding due to the fact that erstwhile it happened, it was each benignant of a astonishment to maine erstwhile I got there! She recovered a batch connected Pinterest and worked with the wedding planner,” helium said. “We conscionable had specified a large wedding.” The DWTS alum added that connected his broadside of the wedding time planning, helium got Dan + Shay, Ronnie Dunn and Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts to each instrumentality the signifier for peculiar performances. “The information that determination were nary phones, everyone was capable to conscionable beryllium successful the infinitesimal and bask it. And it was a truly peculiar night,” Bobby added.

This September, Bobby has erstwhile again joined forces with DogChow and its 4th yearly Service Dog Salute run to bring consciousness to the brand’s caller documentary abbreviated movie that highlights the life-changing benefits work dogs tin supply to veterans experiencing post-traumatic accent upset (PTSD). Titled “Even Heroes Need Heroes,” the movie follows  three veterans connected their unsocial journeys of anticipation and healing alongside a PTSD work dog.

“I realized many years agone that it costs $20,000 to get a work canine to a work subordinate that comes backmost and has PTSD, and you would deliberation that we would person each the tools for our veterans erstwhile they travel back, but often we don’t. And they’re near trying to fend for themselves,” Bobby explained. Last year, Bobby and DogChow worked to get the PAWS Act enacted, which requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to instrumentality a assistance programme for the intent of pairing work dogs with eligible veterans. Now, the extremity is to get the backing for that to happen.

“The extremity is for radical to spot this documentary. Hopefully, they’re moved by it. And past hopefully, they tin assistance aft they ticker the documentary,” Bobby said. The caller documentary, viewable at, features seasoned and PTSD work canine pairs Shannon and Pepper, Tishawna and Archie, and Andy and Thanos, arsenic they larn however to navigate post-service challenges specified arsenic nighttime terrors, affectional detachment and hypervigilance.