Bridget Fonda’s Husband Danny Elfman: Everything To Know About Her Life Partner

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January 27, 2022 11:09PM EST

Bridget Fonda has been joined to her hubby Danny Elfman since 2003. Find retired much astir their longstanding narration here!

Bridget Fonda, 58, hasn’t appeared successful movies or TV since 2002 (her past relation was successful the TV movie Snow Queen), she was a mainstay of 90s cinema aft hitting mainstream occurrence successful the 90s by appearing successful The Godfather Part III. Throughout the decade, Bridget starred successful tons of movies that person go classics, similar Quentin Tarantino‘s crime drama Jackie Brown. She besides appeared successful the comedy Singles in 1992 and the 1999 fearfulness flick Lake Placid.

Bridget’s husband, Danny Elfman, has been with the histrion for a agelong time, arsenic the brace joined successful 2003. Find retired much astir Bridget’s beingness spouse here!

Who Is Danny Elfman? 

Bridget Fonda, Danny Elfman Bridget Fonda and Danny Elfman (Bei/Shutterstock).

Danny Elfman, calved May 29, 1953 successful Los Angeles, California to a household of Polish-Jewish and Russain-Jewish descent. The 68-year-old is simply a composer, singer, and songwriter primitively roseate to fame successful the 1980s caller question bang Oingo Boingo. Director Tim Burton and actor Paul Reubens, being a instrumentality of the band, invited Danny to enactment arsenic a composer on Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985). Although helium wasn’t formally trained yet to constitute for films, Tim enactment his spot successful him for the project. It ended up moving retired good for the newfound composer, who past continued to enactment with the manager connected sixteen different films, including Edward ScissorhandsCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice successful Wonderland.

Danny besides went connected to constitute euphony for films like Men successful Black and the Fifty Shades of Gray franchise films and was besides nominated for an Oscar 4 times but has won 2 Emmy Awards, a Grammy and the 2015 Disney Legend Award.

Danny & Bridget’s Story Together 

Danny Elfman, Bridget Fonda Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda (Bei/Shutterstock).

Although some Danny and Bridget enactment successful amusement business, they are some incredibly backstage and similar to enactment retired of the spotlight. What we bash cognize is that the mates got joined successful November 2003. In 2020, the brace sold their 2 mansions successful Los Angeles to determination to the countryside and unrecorded a quieter life, putting their respective properties connected the marketplace for $8.8 cardinal and $5.8 million, per the Wall Street Journal. Even though the brace weren’t readying connected selling their houses, the coronavirus decidedly changed everything.

Even though we don’t cognize overmuch astir their household beingness astatine home, we bash cognize Danny scored the 1998 film A Simple Plan, which starred Bridget.

What Is Their Family Life Like? 

Danny Elfman, Bridget Fonda Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda (Alex Berliner/BEI/Shutterstock).

Bridget and Danny stock 1 son, Oliver, who was calved successful 2005. Much similar his parents, Oliver likes to enactment retired of the spotlight and support things beauteous low-key with his family.