‘Bringing Up Bates Star Lawson Bates Serenades Girlfriend Tiffany In ‘The Way I See You’ Teaser

3 days ago

HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE archetypal look astatine ‘Bringing Up Bates’ prima Lawson Bates’ euphony video for his latest azygous ‘The Way I See You.’ The video features his gorgeous woman Tiffany!

First travel the single, past comes the euphony video! Lawson Bates’ azygous “The Way I See You” conscionable keeps connected getting amended and better. HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE teaser of the Bringing Up Bates star’s euphony video for the song. The euphony video is the explanation of romantic.

Lawson BatesThe azygous artwork for ‘The Way I See You.’ (Courtesy of Lawson Bates)

In the video, Lawson sings arsenic his woman Tiffany Espensen, 22, gets acceptable for a date. He picks her up successful his Ford Mustang, and they clasp hands connected the mode to their destination. Lawson has a romanticist set-up planned, implicit with candles and everything. They creation and helium serenades her with his guitar. What a mode for Lawson and Tiffany to seizure their love.

Ahead of the song’s release, the 28-year-old explained the inspiration down “The Way I See You.” He wrote connected Instagram, “When I archetypal had the thought to constitute this song, my extremity was to seizure a genuine and heartfelt connection of empowerment, hope, and validation to idiosyncratic who whitethorn beryllium feeling overwhelmed, overlooked, and underappreciated. I wanted to marque definite I had a wide position connected things successful the penning session, truthful I reached retired to 2 of my favourite co-writers @janellearthur & @thejordanrainer. After an unthinkable 3 hr session, it each started coming to life!”

He added, “Little did I cognize earlier this opus released that the miss of my dreams would beryllium successful my beingness and I’d beryllium singing it for her.” His station included a solo representation of Tiffany and a photograph of Lawson with his love.

Lawson BatesLawson Bates and his woman Tiffany successful ‘The Way I See You’ video teaser. (Courtesy of Lawson Bates)

Lawson announced helium was courting Tiffany successful February 2021. They person been inseparable ever since. Tiffany is an histrion who is known for her relation successful the Disney XD bid Kirby Buckets. She besides appeared arsenic Cindy successful Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War.

“The Way I See You” is disposable connected each streaming platforms now. You tin drawback Lawson successful each past episodes of Bringing Up Bates connected UP Faith & Family streaming service.