Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Jason Alexander Thinks Her Engagement To Sam Asghari Is Fake

1 week ago


September 14, 2021 7:54PM EDT

Britney Spears’ archetypal husband, Jason Alexander, says helium thinks her engagement is fake. Plus, helium claims helium inactive speaks to the popular star.

Britney Spears‘ archetypal hubby Jason Alexander, who was married to the popular singer for lone 55 hours successful 2004, says helium thinks her caller engagement to Sam Asghari is fake. Plus, helium revealed helium and Britney inactive enactment successful touch, during an interrogation with Inside Edition that’s acceptable to aerial connected Tuesday evening.

As you tin spot successful the preview clip below, erstwhile Jason is asked astir the “Gimme More” singer’s recent engagement to her longtime boyfriend, 27, helium says, “If it’s real, it’s awesome.”

Then, erstwhile writer Jim Moret asks Jason, “You don’t deliberation it’s real?”, helium simply says, “No.”

Jason, who has regularly spoken retired astir her ongoing conservatorship, further claims that helium keeps successful interaction with Britney. He really admits to speaking with the Grammy-winning vocalist “on the mode implicit here.”

“She’s great,” Jason, 39, says erstwhile he’s asked however she’s doing. “She’s good, she’s mentally stable, she’s fine,” helium says.

britney speras jason alexanderBritney Spears and Jason Alexander connected abstracted occasions. (SplashNews)

But erstwhile Jason is asked to get her connected the telephone mid-interview, helium says she “can’t talk”.

As fans should know, Britney showed disconnected her caller ringing connected Instagram — before deleting her account — portion announcing her engagement connected Sept. 12. “I can’t f****** judge it!!!,” she wrote.

“I’m trying to beryllium arsenic bully arsenic I can,” Jason further told Inside Edition erstwhile asked astir Sam. “He’s truly the lone idiosyncratic that’s been astir for a fewer years, truthful without him she would’ve been alone. I’ve ever loved her. I’m ever going to emotion her. If she’s blessed with Sam and that’s going to happen, I’m blessed for her.”

Maybe he’ll get an invitation to the wedding?