Broncos reveal what tipped Haas over the edge

1 month ago

The Brisbane nine was "shocked" by Payne Haas' petition for an contiguous merchandise from the remaining 2 and a fractional seasons connected his contract, according to manager Kevin Walters.

Contract negotiations betwixt Haas and the Broncos broke down connected Wednesday night, aft which the 22-year-old's absorption emailed the nine seeking an contiguous release.

Haas is contracted to Brisbane until the extremity of the 2024 season, a woody reported to beryllium worthy $750,000 for 2022, rising to $800,000 successful 2023 and $850,000 successful 2024.

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One of the champion front-rowers successful the game, Haas reportedly feels helium is worthy much than that. He is believed to person asked for $1 cardinal for 2023 and 2024, and $1.2m for 2025.

"His absorption has asked for a release. They enactment an connection to america for Payne to stay, and we rejected that offer," Walters told Brisbane's Nova radio.

"We recognize Payne has been a large subordinate for us, and we privation to look aft him financially, but we conscionable couldn't travel to an agreement.

"Contracts are astir negotiation, and we're blessed to negotiate."

Brisbane Broncos prop Payne Haas. (Chloe Davis/NRL Imagery)

While Walters and the Broncos mightiness beryllium blessed to negotiate, it appears Haas isn't truthful keen.

"They sent an email backmost to (football manager) Ben Ikin saying that if this isn't the case, past Payne wants an contiguous release, which shocked america really," Walters explained.

"We're trying to enactment done with his absorption connected keeping Payne astatine Red Hill.

"That's the result we some want. I'm definite we tin travel to an agreement."

Walters noted that Haas had been successful the Brisbane strategy for adjacent to a decade, and declared that the play surrounding the front-rower wouldn't interest his teammates.

"We stood by him successful bully times and bad. It's a two-way street. He's ever been a Bronco and we privation him to remain," helium said.

Broncos manager Kevin Walters (Getty)

"The players dainty rugby league arsenic a business, they recognize that astatine antithetic times players are going to determination on.

"That's the satellite they unrecorded in."

Earlier this week the Sydney Morning Herald reported that Haas, who has taken ineligible enactment against Chris Orr and Pacific Sports Management, is present facing a antagonistic assertion successful the NSW Supreme Court from his erstwhile manager, who is seeking much than $200,000.

That came aft Haas allegedly refused to motion a caller woody with the Broncos, brokered by Orr, worthy $5.75 million.

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