Brutally honest coach cops full blame for Lodge mess

4 weeks ago

It's communal signifier successful the NRL for starring officials to spell into hiding oregon displacement blasted erstwhile play hits the club, but a brutally honorable Nathan Brown has outed himself arsenic the sole fig liable for the chaotic Matt Lodge departure.

The Warriors manager pointed the digit astatine nary 1 other erstwhile helium addressed the property aft his side's 24-16 decision to the Knights successful Brisbane connected Saturday.

The New Zealand outfit's 4th nonaccomplishment successful succession followed the mid-week revelation that Lodge had been paid retired successful afloat – each $700,000 – contempt the information it was his telephone to locomotion earlier the extremity of his deal.

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Warriors manager Nathan Brown has dumped each blasted connected himself aft the chaotic Matt Lodge departure. (Scott Davis/NRL Imagery)

Warriors proprietor Mark Robinson claimed the crushed for the aureate handshake was an statement helium had with Lodge astatine a pub past December.

But Brown said the onus was connected him due to the fact that helium had recruited Lodge to the club, signing him during the 2021 season.

"When you enlistee a subordinate and it doesn't enactment out, arsenic it didn't successful Lodgey's case, it's nary one's responsibility but the caput coach's. I brought Lodge to the nine and it didn't enactment retired truthful that's connected me," Brown said.

"It's not connected the owner, it's not connected Lodgey, it's not connected anyone; it's connected me. If you've got a bloke moving retired of your nine that you brought to the nine you've done thing wrong. It's nary 1 else's responsibility but the caput coach's.

Matt Lodge successful Warriors colours. (Grant Trouville/NRL Imagery)

"If you determination players that you didn't bring to the nine that ain't your fault, due to the fact that you're doing your occupation to assistance the nine get better.

"So I instrumentality afloat work for the Lodgey situation."

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Peter O'Sullivan was the Warriors recruitment guru erstwhile Lodge was signed, but the seasoned scouter departed for the Dolphins astatine the extremity of past season.

Brown wasn't progressive successful the brushwood astatine the pub according to Robinson and Lodge, but the Warriors mentor insisted blasted sat squarely connected him erstwhile that was raised successful the property conference.

"As I said, you know, I brought Matt to the club, I was the caput manager erstwhile helium came to the nine and it didn't enactment out," Brown said.

"So the afloat work should autumn connected me, not anyone else."

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Lodge has turned to nine rugby successful Brisbane since exiting the Warriors but is simply a blistery extremity to articulation the Dolphins for their inaugural NRL play successful 2023.

That's due to the fact that of his transportation with O'Sullivan and the information helium hasn't yet joined a nine already playing successful the NRL.

"I had a chat to Lodgey. I conscionable privation him to marque his adjacent nine enactment for him. His champion years are coming; that's each I said to him," Brown said.

"He was playing immoderate truly bully footy for us. I thought helium was playing immoderate truly good, accordant footy.

"I conscionable privation him to spell to a nine wherever helium goes and it works retired for him for similar a four- oregon five-year block. His champion footy's coming. He's inactive lone 26.

"Unfortunately it didn't enactment retired present and, arsenic I said, erstwhile you bring a bloke to the nine and it doesn't enactment retired you've got to look astatine what possibly you got wrong."

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