Cameron Monaghan Reveals He’d ‘Consider’ A ‘Shameless’ Reunion But ‘Never’ A Reboot

1 week ago

Exclusive Interview

September 14, 2021 1:28PM EDT

Could a ‘Shameless’ reboot oregon reunion beryllium successful the future? Cameron Monaghan told HL EXCLUSIVELY helium would ‘never bash thing that would erase the original’ but would see revisiting the story.

The Gallaghers bid farewell successful April 2021 aft 11 seasons of epic highs and lows. Shameless remains 1 of the astir beloved shows, and a possible revival has already been enactment retired into the universe. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Shameless prima Cameron Monaghan, who weighed successful connected whether he’d bash a reunion oregon a full-blown reboot successful the future.

“I would ne'er bash thing that would erase the original,” Cameron told HollywoodLife astatine the MPTF NextGen Summer Part successful West Hollywood connected September 12. “That being said, if determination was a mode to proceed the communicative astatine immoderate point, I would see it. I deliberation that we each request to person a fewer years. That being said, it could beryllium absorbing to find the characters successful a antithetic spot astatine a antithetic clip and possibly recontextualize things successful a caller world. Who knows what things are going to look similar 5, 10, 15 years from now? I consciousness similar Shameless was beauteous topical and liked to skewer things astatine the clip and possibly radical volition find a mode to bash that.”

ShamelessThe formed of ‘Shameless’ successful the last season. (Showtime)

Shameless premiered successful 2011 and became an instant hit. Cameron starred arsenic Ian Gallagher, 1 of the mediate Gallagher kids. He started Shameless erstwhile helium was conscionable 17 years aged and has go 1 of TV’s astir talented young performers. By the show’s end, Ian had recovered emotion and joined Mickey Milkovich — Gallavich forever.

Shameless showrunner John Wells has been unfastened astir a imaginable revival down the line. “Yeah, ne'er accidental never, right?” helium told EW. He aboriginal added, “I could person written this amusement forever. But I understand. Showtime’s been specified a large spouse connected the amusement since the beginning, truthful supportive, and they felt it was clip for america to beryllium done, truthful I person to respect that opinion. But, yeah, I could person done it forever.”

In the midst of Shameless, Cameron went connected Gotham to play a mentation of Joker that was wide praised among critics and fans. HollywoodLife asked Cameron who he’d accidental the champion Joker of each clip is.

Cameron MonaghanCameron Monaghan with co-star Noel Fisher. (Showtime)

“It’s a precise antiauthoritarian reply but I deliberation it’s really true. Everyone brings thing large to the table,” helium said. “I’m personally impartial to Jack Nicholson due to the fact that I deliberation he’s the feline that truly acceptable the tone. But I besides emotion Mark Hamill. He did each the worldly for the animated stuff. Heath Ledger was the feline I archetypal saw bash the relation arsenic a kid who perfectly blew maine away. Each histrion brought thing to the table. It truly comes down to the code of what the existent task is and whether oregon not they tin lucifer that vigor and I deliberation that they have.”