Cardi B Says She Felt ‘Extremely Suicidal’ As She Testifies In Libel Trial Against YouTuber

7 months ago

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January 13, 2022 11:55PM EST

Cardi claims vlogger Tasha Kebe was down the malicious content, which included shocking claims of the rapper’s enactment life.

Cardi B, testified successful her libel lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha Kebe connected January 13, telling a national assemblage she felt “suicidal” aft Kebe allegedly dispersed malicious lies astir the rapper. Taking the witnesser basal successful a Georgia tribunal connected the 4th time of the trial, the 29-year-old “Bodak Yellow” vocalist revealed however the shocking claims, including Cardi B contracting intersexual diseases, had taken a devastating toll connected her. “I felt highly suicidal,” Cardi B said, according to Billboard.

Cardi BCardi B attends Paris Fashion Week successful 2019. (Beretta/Sims/Shutterstock)

Cardi went onto accidental she felt “helpless” arsenic Kebe continued to usage her level — which has amassed astir 1 cardinal followers — to dispersed the alleged falsehoods. She besides said she suffered “fatigue, anxiety, value nonaccomplishment and migraines,” per the outlet. “Only an evil idiosyncratic could bash that s***,” Cardi continued, earlier apologizing for utilizing profanity.

While the alleged libelous incidents were happening soon aft Cardi welcomed girl Kulture with hubby Offset, the hitmaker emotionally explained however it affected her self-esteem. “I felt defeated and depressed and I didn’t privation to slumber with my husband,” she explained, according to TMZ . She adjacent went truthful acold arsenic to accidental that she felt similar she “didn’t deserve” Kulture astatine the time.

In the suit filed successful March 2019, Cardi claims Kebe attempted to financially capitalize connected spreading lies astir the entertainer, specified arsenic alleging Cardi was a prostitute, was unfaithful to Offset, utilized cocaine, and contracted herpes and HPV. One of Kebe’s video cited successful the suit includes a connection that Cardi B “f***** herself with brew bottles connected f****** stripper stages.”

Court documents uncover Cardi alleges the “degrading and harassing” remarks began astir April 2018, erstwhile Kebe posted a video claiming Cardi and Kulture’s gestation mightiness effect successful a babe calved with peculiar needs. “Kebe became obsessed with slandering and harassing [Cardi]. In the 16 months preceding the filing of this lawsuit, Kebe enactment retired astatine slightest 38 videos regarding [the rapper],” the suit alleges.

The proceedings volition proceed until January 18, perchance with much grounds from Cardi. HollywoodLife volition support you updated.

If you oregon anyone you cognize is experiencing suicidal thoughts, scope retired to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255, oregon dial 988) for free, confidential enactment and resources 24/7.