Cecily Strong Still Deciding If She’ll Return To ‘SNL’ But It Appears Pete Davidson & Others Will Be

3 weeks ago


September 24, 2021 10:14AM EDT

Cecily Strong ‘hasn’t decided’ if she’ll travel backmost to ‘Saturday Night Live’ for play 47, a root EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.

Saturday Night Live kicks disconnected its 47th play successful conscionable implicit a week, and its archetypal slate of hosts (Kim Kardashian!) person already been announced. But volition Pete Davidson, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and the remainder of the sketch drama show’s iconic formed beryllium backmost for the caller season? A root EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife that it’s apt they bash — though 1 pistillate formed subordinate hasn’t locked successful her instrumentality conscionable yet. “Everyone has been welcomed backmost from Lorne [Michaels] and the amusement if they determine that is champion for them, but contracts are inactive going done arsenic Cecily [Strong] for 1 hasn’t decided that she wants to instrumentality yet oregon not oregon adjacent instrumentality portion time,” the insider shared.

Cecily StrongCecily Strong astatine the 2021 Emmy Awards successful Los Angeles connected Sept. 19, 2021 (Photo: Jay L Clendenin/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock

The root added that Cecily, 37, “knows that it is going down to the ligament and volition apt springiness her reply wrong the adjacent 48 hours.” Cecily has been connected the amusement since 2012, and adjacent precocious snagged a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress successful a Comedy Series astatine the 2021 Emmy Awards. Her imaginable exit from the amusement would surely beryllium past minute, considering that, per the source, “the amusement is intelligibly moving connected their opening credits, and they volition beryllium successful the bureau adjacent week to get acceptable for the archetypal episode,” which volition beryllium hosted by Owen Wilson and diagnostic philharmonic impermanent Kacey Musgraves.

“They truly privation things to beryllium acceptable by this play truthful an announcement tin officially beryllium made sometime adjacent week,” the insider told HL. “With declaration talks inactive taking place, erstwhile it comes to Cecily oregon anyone for that substance returning oregon not, it volition beryllium successful nary mode beryllium frowned upon due to the fact that Lorne and the unit loves everyone from her to Pete and Aidy. It is conscionable a immense committedness and truly dictates astir a twelvemonth successful your beingness truthful that is wherefore it’s taking a small longer this clip around.” HL reached retired to reps for Cecily, Lorne, Pete, Aidy, and Kate for comment, but we haven’t heard back.

Pete DavidsonPete Davidson (Photo: Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix/Shutterstock)

Cecily has indicated earlier that her days on SNL may beryllium done. “I’ll beryllium thrilled if I spell back, I’ll beryllium thrilled if that was my past show,” she told Entertainment Tonight in June, a period aft season 46 wrapped. She besides stressed that “things are a spot much up successful the air, and I’m OK with that. My acquisition from past twelvemonth is benignant of spot what happens,” she told ET.

SNL will instrumentality connected Oct. 2 with Owen arsenic big and Kacey arsenic philharmonic guest. The pursuing 3 weeks volition spot Kim, Rami Malek and Jason Sudeikis instrumentality connected hosting duties, portion Halsey, Young Thung, and Brandi Carlile make up the lineup of philharmonic guests.