Charlize Theron Shares Rare Photo Of Daughters, 7 & 10, In Birthday Tribute For Her Mom

3 months ago

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January 27, 2022 6:53PM EST

In a day tribute to ma Gerda, Charlize Theron shared a uncommon photograph of her daughters, August and Jackson, hiking with their grandmother, who Charlize said ‘TRULY is life.’

Always 1 to enactment her family’s privacy first, Charlize Theron, 46, doesn’t often connection fans a first-hand look into beingness with her 2 daughters August, 7, and Jackson, 10. But celebrating 3 generations of women successful her household is simply a peculiar occasion. On Thursday, January 27, Charlize shared a uncommon photograph of her daughters hiking with Charlize’s mom, Gerda, arsenic portion of an Instagram tribute for Gerda’s birthday.

In the shot, Gerda is the spitting representation of Charlize arsenic she puts a loving limb astir Jackson. The 2 beauteous sisters sprout the cameraperson, presumably Charlize, brushed smiles arsenic they bask the large outdoors with their grandma. Jackson particularly looks hiking-ready holding a walking instrumentality and wearing a stylish flat-brim headdress printed with a campfire and tent. In her caption, Charlize spoke poignantly astir her “direct,” “honest,” and “funny” mom. “I wanted to stock her with each of you due to the fact that anyone who knows her, knows however utterly awesome [it] is to basal successful her sunlight,” Charlize wrote. “She TRULY is life.”

charlize theron Charlize Theron shared a uncommon photograph of daughters August, 7, and Jackson, 10, successful a celebratory Instagram station for Charlize’s mom’s birthday. (ENT/SplashNews)

In the uncommon images Charlize does stock of her daughters, their intimate and loving enslaved shines through. Just past week, Charlize was spotted enjoying a shopping day successful LA with her girls, and connected January 4th the histrion shared a saccharine photo of her cuddling connected the sofa with August and their household canine to ringing successful 2022. The household spent clip traveling unneurotic for the holidays, enjoying Thanksgiving successful Los Cabos and Christmas skiing together connected a snowfall day.

Being a protective, loving ma to her girls makes consciousness for Charlize, who has spoken openly astir the maltreatment she and her parent faced from precocious begetter Charles Theron. In fact, the histrion spoke candidly with NPR successful 2019 astir however her parent killed her begetter successful self-defense erstwhile Charlize was 15, and however Charlize is ‘not ashamed’ to talk astir it. Charlize described her begetter arsenic a “very sick man” successful a “hopeless situation.” After a drunken Charles returned location 1 nighttime threatening his woman and girl with a gun, Gerda changeable and killed him. No charges were brought against her, and arsenic Charlize describes: “In self-defense, she ended the threat.” In a 2018 interrogation with ExtraCharlize credited her mom’s bravery with making her the pistillate she is today. “I had a large ma who truly benignant of made maine brave and ever told maine to beryllium brave,” Charlize opened up. “I don’t cognize who I mightiness person been without that.”