Chase Bell Shares How New Song ‘Follow’ Is A Reminder To ‘Be Nice’ To Yourself And ‘Enjoy Life’

3 days ago

In life, it’s casual to perceive to your inner-saboteur and autumn into despair. Thankfully, singer-songwriter Chase Bell is present to assistance you alert ‘free arsenic a bird’ retired of your sorrow with his caller song.

“Nothing’s ever retired of my scope / listening to my tone gives maine wings / to interval done beingness similar a breeze,” sings Chase Bell on “Follow.” In the caller song, premiering present connected HollywoodLife, the “Make Me Come Alive” vocalist delivers positivity and encouragement wrapped successful an effervescent tune, courtesy of his acoustic guitar. “Follow” soars connected Chase’s voice, who sings astir however successful a satellite of uncertainty, he’s not giving into self-doubt. “I don’t cognize wherever I’m going, but my anticipation got maine on for the ride,” helium croons, encouraging listeners to dispersed their wings and soar astir each their troubles.

The opus is simply a momentary reminder that you got this. “Being hard connected yourself is casual to do,” Chase tells HollywoodLife. “I realized I was unpracticed astatine being bully and allowing myself to truly bask life, truthful I wrote this opus to punctual myself and anyone other who is hard connected themselves to easiness it up a little, ya merit it.”

Chase sings that “wherever I spell / wherever my bosom leads, I’ll follow,” a subtle motion to the sanction of his upcoming EP. Where My Heart Leads will get with 9 tracks full — 3 in-studio products with six acoustic numbers.

Tegui Amor – @darealtegui

“There’s conscionable thing truthful contiguous astir the dependable of a dependable and an acoustic guitar,” Chase said successful a property merchandise accompanying the announcement of this caller release. “And let’s look it – that’s the existent trial of a bully song: Can you prime up a guitar and enactment it across? When I constitute and nutrient with different artists, whether they’re stone oregon hip-hop, I ever effort to bring an acoustic guitar with me. Somehow, it conscionable cuts done similar thing else.”

Tegui Amor – @darealtegui

Chase has been progressive successful euphony since helium was a lad increasing up successful New Jersey. His ma sang cabaret successful neighboring New York. His uncle taught Chase his archetypal guitar chords. He soon discovered helium had a knack for the six-strings and soft and dove head-first into performing – and songwriting. When helium was aged enough, helium decided to skip cutting his teeth successful New York and flew disconnected to London, expanding his horizons some musically and literally. He learned astatine the feet of British jazz musicians, fell successful emotion with an Italian woman, and developed the skills that would suit him erstwhile helium yet made his mode to Los Angeles.

After moving down the scenes arsenic a shaper and songwriter, Chase decided it was his clip successful the spotlight. His euphony recovered its mode onto shows similar Lucifer and Shameless. In 2019, helium released Make Me Come Alive, arsenic good arsenic singles “She Wears Red,” “Spend The Weekend,” and “Get To Know You.” Now, everyone volition get to cognize him erstwhile Where My Heart Leads arrives.