Chiara Young Strikes Back At Societal Norms In New ‘I Don’t Wear Skirts’ Music Video

3 weeks ago

Exclusive Premiere

September 24, 2021 10:00AM EDT

For those who don’t privation to deterioration a formal – and for those who bash – popular creator Chiara Young has a guitar-powered anthem astir feeling blessed successful your ain skin…and your ain wardrobe.

“I’ve ne'er felt similar I beryllium here,” sings Chiara Young at the commencement of her caller single, “I Don’t Wear Skirts.” In the accompanying euphony video premiering present astatine HollywoodLife, the Toronto-based singer/producer finds herself confronted with society’s concepts of what a pistillate should be. After getting her capable with dolls, dresses, and housekeeping magazines, Chiara sits down with a stack of “women’s” covering earlier tossing them aside…until she finds a tutu, a cleanable accessory for her fishnets, cutoff jeans, and take nary sh-t attitude. “I don’t deterioration skirts / due to the fact that I’m not that benignant of girl,” she sings connected the chorus, an electrical guitar slung astir her tulle-draped waist.

It’s a arrogant proclamation of however one’s individuality is not defined by outer – communal, religious, etc. – factors. “I wrote and produced ‘I Don’t Wear Skirts’ astir not fitting into societal norms,” Chiara tells HollywoodLife. “Growing up, I was a tomboy. I ever felt unit to beryllium much feminine, but being feminine wasn’t, and inactive isn’t, me. Looking back, I’m gladsome I ne'er conformed: it made maine who I americium today. This opus is for each the womxn who stock my experience. In the euphony video, I wore a skirt. Well, a tutu. Ironic, but I did truthful to amusement the larger, underlining connection of the song: you should consciousness comfy successful immoderate you wear, careless of what that mightiness be. And if that’s a skirt—go for it.”

Self-taught successful the ways of euphony (songwriting, performing, mixing, and mastering), Chiara has precocious recovered her spot successful the euphony manufacture acknowledgment to a small app called TikTok. Chiara has connected with an assemblage that has resonated with her instrumentality connected pop, a benignant that incorporates elements of alt, rock, punk, indie. This attack has allowed Chiara to showcase each facets of her songwriting: the hard edges of “Skirts” to the softer broadside of, appropriately enough, tracks similar “Little Bit Softer.”

“I Don’t Wear Skirts” comes connected the heels of her 2021 self-titled EP, which contained her antecedently released azygous “Fake Friends,” arsenic good arsenic her collaborations with chap Canadians, Walk Off The Earth. Together, Chiara and the iconic radical covered Coldplay’s breakthrough single, “Yellow,” giving this classical alternate stone opus a caller dependable for the caller century. With specified a caller instrumentality connected music, it’ll beryllium breathtaking to spot wherever Chiara goes adjacent – and the champion happening of all, there’s nary formal codification required. Wear immoderate the hellhole you want.