China's 5 big tech issues for 2022

1 week ago

A technologist inspects a machine chip.

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GUANGZHOU, China — China's exertion assemblage has taken a chaotic thrust implicit the past year, with regulations tightened, billions of dollars wiped disconnected companies' marketplace value, and a continuing propulsion from Beijing for technological self-sufficiency.

Those are among the important themes that volition beryllium addressed astatine CNBC's yearly East Tech West event successful the Nansha territory of Guangzhou successful confederate China.

Here's a look astatine the apical concerns and focuses of China's exertion assemblage close now.

China's tech crackdown

That has weighed heavy connected China's net names. For example, Alibaba's shares are down 41% year-to-date.

Several questions are swirling:

  • Will China present much caller regularisation and successful what areas?
  • What companies could beryllium targeted next?
  • What does it mean for maturation of the tech assemblage successful China?

CNBC tackled immoderate of this successful a caller occurrence of the "Beyond the Valley" podcast below. Those conversations volition proceed astatine East Tech West.


The continuing exertion rivalry betwixt the U.S. and China has added urgency to Beijing's propulsion for accrued self-sufficiency crossed a assortment of sectors. One of those is semiconductors, which are captious for everything from cars to mobile phones.

But China is struggling to drawback up with the U.S. and different countries, and that's due to the fact that of the complexity of the semiconductor proviso chain, which is dominated by overseas companies.

A bully illustration is the tract of spot manufacturing. SMIC, which is China's largest declaration spot manufacturer, is several years behind Taiwan's TSMC and South Korea's Samsung. SMIC is really incapable to manufacture the latest cutting-edge chips required for starring smartphones.

Foreign companies dominate the astir precocious tools and equipment required for the manufacture of high-end chips. U.S. sanctions person denied China entree to immoderate of those tools. Chinese companies can't compete.

How China volition boost its home spot manufacture successful the look of those hurdles is simply a major, ongoing debate.

'Frontier' tech

The semiconductor manufacture is conscionable 1 of galore industries wherever China is trying to boost its credentials.

In its five-year improvement plan, the 14th of its kind, released earlier this year, Beijing said it would marque "science and exertion self-reliance and self-improvement a strategical pillar for nationalist development."

The program identifies areas which Beijing sees arsenic "frontier technology" — artificial quality (AI) and abstraction travel.

China has made notable progress successful space, including launching its ain abstraction station. It has ambitions to send its archetypal crewed ngo to Mars successful 2033.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, Chinese exertion giants from Baidu to Tencent are investing heavily.

Electric vehicles

About 1.1 cardinal electrical vehicles were sold successful the archetypal fractional of this year, astir arsenic galore arsenic were sold successful each of 2020, according to marketplace probe steadfast Canalys. China is the world's largest electrical conveyance market.

That maturation has attracted tons of caller players with a exertion background. Xiaomi, which is known for smartphones, expects to mass nutrient its ain electrical vehicles successful the archetypal fractional of 2024, portion hunt elephantine Baidu has set up its ain electrical car business with Chinese automaker Geely.

China's economical slowdown