China's consumers spent $73.6 billion on luxury goods at home last year, up 36% from 2020

3 months ago

Consumers linger extracurricular a Haikou work escaped store astatine Riyue Square, Haikou City, Hainan Province, China, connected September 2, 2021.

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BEIJING — Chinese consumers are spending much connected luxury goods astatine home, adjacent if they can't easy question overseas owed to pandemic-related restrictions, consultancy Bain & Company said successful its yearly study connected the luxury sector.

Sales of idiosyncratic luxury goods successful mainland China roseate by 36% to 471 cardinal yuan ($73.59 billion) successful 2021 from the anterior year, according to Bain estimates released Thursday. That's much than treble the 234 cardinal yuan successful luxury goods spending connected the mainland successful 2019, earlier the pandemic.

The maturation successful luxury goods income comes contempt a slump successful Chinese retail income wide since the pandemic began successful 2020. The information besides reflects the maturation of China's home marketplace arsenic a destination for planetary brands.

Mainland China's stock of the planetary luxury marketplace roseate to astir 21% successful 2021, up from astir 20% successful 2020, according to Bain.

"We expect this maturation to continue, putting the state connected way to go the world's largest luxury goods marketplace by 2025 — careless of aboriginal planetary question patterns," the study said.

"China remains the champion user communicative successful the world," the Bain analysts said, pointing to the country's increasing mediate class. "The mean summation of disposable income remains higher than inflation."

Leather goods income grew by astir 60% and was the fastest-growing category, followed by astir 40% maturation successful manner and lifestyle, the study said.

More duty-free stores successful China

A large operator for the section luxury marketplace is the maturation of duty-free stores successful Hainan, an land state successful confederate China. In the past 2 years, caller authorities policies person chopped taxes and introduced different business-friendly measures aimed astatine turning the portion into a free-trade larboard and planetary depletion center.

Even earlier pandemic-induced question restrictions kept shoppers from traveling overseas, luxury brands were already moving to Hainan and different parts of mainland China from Hong Kong owed to convulsive protests successful the semi-autonomous region.

Sales of luxury goods astatine Hainan's duty-free stores posted yearly maturation of 85% successful 2021 — reaching 60 cardinal yuan — pursuing a 122% year-on-year summation successful 2020, according to Bain. The stores accounted for 13% of mainland China's idiosyncratic luxury goods marketplace past year, up from 9% successful 2020 and 6% successful anterior years.

However, the Bain analysts said the biggest operator of Hainan's duty-free occurrence was crisp discounts that went beyond taxation savings. The "significant terms gap" betwixt the authoritative listed terms and that successful Hainan contributed to dilatory maturation successful different income channels, astatine slightest for immoderate products, the study said.

Analysts astatine The Economist Intelligence Unit expect caller authorities policies to assistance China's home duty-free marketplace to astir quadruple to 258 cardinal yuan betwixt 2021 and 2025, with the opening of caller duty-free stores successful large Chinese cities similar Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai.

But that's contingent connected Chinese authorities relaxing restrictions connected planetary question and duty-free acquisition quotas, the analysts said successful a study precocious past month.

"The duty-free marketplace successful Hainan is inactive lagging down connected merchandise ranges and terms competitiveness, particularly for mid-to-high-end products," they said. "Meanwhile, Chinese consumers whitethorn similar to harvester their buying with an overseas holiday, to acquisition overseas cultures and environments."

How China's luxury walk successful 2021 stacked up globally

Global spending connected luxury goods reached 283 cardinal euros ($320.6 billion) successful 2021, recovering from a slump successful 2020 to transcend 2019 levels of 281 cardinal euros successful luxury sales, according to Bain estimates.

However, Chinese consumers inactive spent astir 30 cardinal euros little connected luxury goods past twelvemonth than they did successful 2019, the study showed.

Robust luxury goods income maturation slowed sharply successful the 2nd fractional of past year, the analysts said, pointing to factors specified arsenic a precocious comparable basal successful 2020, sporadic Covid outbreaks and caller regulations connected online influencers.

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The drop-off successful maturation showed luxury wasn't immune to an wide slump successful Chinese user spending successful the past six months. Retail income grew by a disappointing 1.7% year-on-year successful December.

Looking ahead, the Bain analysts expect the home luxury marketplace to turn astatine a much mean gait successful 2022.

"Sporadic localized Covid-19 outbreaks volition apt proceed passim the year," the analysts said. "We expect a corresponding antagonistic interaction connected shopping-mall postulation successful affected cities."

Local authorities person swiftly locked down neighborhoods oregon restricted question to forestall coronavirus outbreaks from spreading. The argumentation tin discourage radical from going to places wherever they mightiness travel into interaction with a confirmed case, oregon look quarantine due to the fact that of an overlapping question history.

One specified lawsuit successful Beijing metropolis this period visited luxury buying promenade SKP, according to an extended question past disclosed by municipal authorities.