Chris Cuomo’s Former Boss Accuses Him of Sexual Harassment & Urges Him To ‘Repent’

3 weeks ago

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September 24, 2021 10:41AM EDT

A erstwhile ABC enforcement shaper claimed that Chris Cuomo sexually harassed her astatine a enactment successful 2005, aft she’d worked with him connected ‘Primetime Live.’

Shelley Ross wrote an op-ed for The New York Times on Friday September 24, wherever she alleged that Chris Cuomo, 51, had sexually-harassed her astatine a enactment enactment successful 2005. Shelley had been an enforcement shaper for assorted quality programs. At the time, she said she was moving connected an amusement peculiar for ABC, but had been Chris’ enforcement shaper connected Primetime Live anterior to that.

Shelley claimed that she saw the anchor, portion attending a colleague’s going-away enactment with her husband. She said that erstwhile helium greeted her, helium reached down and grabbed her buttock. “‘I tin bash this present that you’re nary longer my boss,’ helium said to maine with a benignant of cocky arrogance. ‘No you can’t,’ I said, pushing him disconnected maine astatine the thorax portion stepping back, revealing my husband, who had seen the full occurrence astatine adjacent range,” Shelley wrote, saying she near soon after.

Chris Cuomo, 51, was accused of sexually harassing a erstwhile brag successful a New York Times op-ed. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

The shaper included an alleged email from Chris, received an hr aft the incident, wherever helium apologized and expressed regret. “[N]ow that I deliberation of it… [I] americium ashamed,” the taxable enactment said. The anchor asked Shelley to “pass my apology on to your precise bully and noble husband,” and extended the aforesaid to her. “[I] apologize to you arsenic well, for adjacent putting you successful specified a postition [sic],” helium wrote.

Despite the apology, Shelley questioned the reasoning down sending it. “Was helium ashamed of what helium did, oregon was helium embarrassed due to the fact that my hubby saw it?” she wrote. “Mr. Cuomo whitethorn accidental this is simply a sincere apology. I’ve ever seen it arsenic an effort to supply himself with ineligible and motivation sum to evade accountability.” The erstwhile enforcement shaper besides wondered astir the anchor’s motives successful grabbing her rear end. “I ne'er thought that Mr. Cuomo’s behaviour was intersexual successful nature. Whether helium understood it astatine the clip oregon not, his signifier of intersexual harassment was a hostile enactment meant to diminish and belittle his pistillate erstwhile brag successful beforehand of the staff,” she wrote.

In a connection to The Times, Chris besides stated that determination wasn’t immoderate intersexual volition down his enactment and that his apology was sincere. “As Shelley acknowledges, our enactment was not intersexual successful nature. It happened 16 years agone successful a nationalist mounting erstwhile she was a apical enforcement astatine ABC. I apologized to her then, and I meant it,” helium told The Times. When contacted for remark by HollywoodLife, a property interaction for CNN pointed to the aforesaid statement.

Chris’ erstwhile brag reiterated that she did not privation him to suffer his occupation pursuing her op-ed. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Shelley made a constituent to accidental that she doesn’t privation Chris to get fired, and she holds “no grudge” against him, but she did telephone for accountability, particularly aft Chris was named arsenic an advisor to his member erstwhile New York Governor Andrew Cuomowhen helium faced intersexual harassment allegations. Chris had travel nether fire, soon after his member was accused of intersexual harassment, and helium was recovered to person served arsenic an advisor to the governor, who later resigned amid the accusations. He was besides criticized for not covering Andrew’s intersexual harassment allegations connected his CNN program.

Shelley’s op-ed ended by reiterating that she didn’t privation the anchor to suffer his job, but she did telephone connected him for much accountability and projected a amusement that examines workplace intersexual harassment closely. “I would, however, similar to spot him journalistically repent: hold connected aerial to survey the interaction of sexism, harassment and sex bias successful the workplace, including his own, and past study connected it,” she wrote.