Clarkson joins Tasmania's bid for new AFL team

4 days ago

Tasmania's hopes of having a standalone AFL squad has been bolstered with the summation of Alastair Clarkson arsenic an advisor to the taskforce down the bid.

According to The Age, Clarkson volition person a six-month declaration to counsel the Tasmanian radical arsenic it prepares to transportation the thought of a 19th squad to AFL presidents adjacent year.

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Clarkson's signing was announced by Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein successful authorities parliament today.

The four-time premiership victor is expected to supply proposal connected a backing strategy, a projected Hobart-based stadium, arsenic good arsenic authorities shot pathways and endowment identification.

Clarkson, who is presently studying successful the United States, has antecedently expressed large involvement successful a 19th squad being based successful the Apple Isle, saying helium would see coaching the squad himself.

Alastair Clarkson volition instrumentality up an advisory relation successful helping Tasmania hole its transportation to AFL presidents (Getty)

"From this acold out, if I was unemployed similar I americium present I'd beryllium putting my manus up large clip to get progressive successful specified an breathtaking venture," helium told SEN successful September.

Clarkson's Hawthorn teams regularly played location games successful Tasmania during his 17-season tenure arsenic coach, and the 53-year-old has been a large advocator of the state's connection for a standalone team.

"I conscionable deliberation that we've got to reinvigorate footy down successful Tasmania, and it's going to instrumentality a play of clip to bash that," helium said.

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"We want, successful 5 oregon six years' clip if that was the clip that Tasmania came into the [AFL] competition, we privation to marque definite that the bulk of the players who're going to play for the Tassie broadside are heartland Tassie people.

"Tassie should already, successful my view, person a squad successful the contention and due to the fact that it hasn't, good let's rotation up the sleeves and marque sure... nary of this quasi stuff. Let's get a Tassie standalone squad retired of the Tassie market. Let's instrumentality our clip to physique it up."

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