Cloud technologies help corporations achieve carbon neutrality

7 months ago

The past 2 years of pandemic-related challenges person accelerated the adoption of unreality crossed manufacture astatine an unprecedented rate. This accrued concern successful unreality tin service to reinvigorate sustainability goals and supply the quality to measurement the interaction of an investment. The consequences of clime alteration are nary longer theoretical, and firm leaders are taking responsibility. While galore corporations hold connected the imperative to change, sifting done the sound to place a way to execute neutrality is complicated.

MIT Technology Review precocious sat down with experts from Infosys and Microsoft—Corey Glickman, spouse and planetary caput of sustainability and plan consulting services astatine exertion elephantine Infosys, and Matt Hellman, the US sustainability strategy person astatine Microsoft—to sermon mandates, tools, timelines, and much from their journeys to execute c neutrality.

Access the afloat webcast here.

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