Club legend slams 'horrific' Broncos farce

1 month ago

Brisbane Broncos large Corey Parker has called connected the nine to axe Payne Haas amid revelations the prima guardant wants retired implicit a wage dispute.

Haas' absorption requested an contiguous merchandise connected Wednesday night, a determination that was swiftly rejected by the club.

The 22-year-old is signed until the extremity of 2024 connected a woody worthy astir $800,000 a season.

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Haas' absorption is playing hardball, arguing helium would marque much than $1 cardinal connected the unfastened market, calling for the prima to beryllium paid $1 cardinal this play and adjacent year, and past $1.2 cardinal successful 2024.

Parker said Haas had already been fixed peculiar attraction by the nine with his existent deal, and the loyalty the Broncos person showed him amid his struggles disconnected the tract has been noble.

He described the concern arsenic "horrific" and implored the Broncos to portion ways with the State of Origin star.

"This player, portion he's a terrific player, astatine nary signifier successful the Broncos past has 1 subordinate been bigger than the club," Parker told Fox League.

"I would fto Payne Haas spell close now, close now. I would fto him go.

"There's an statement that Payne gets what helium wants but from a club's perspective, if you person a subordinate wrong your 4 walls that does not privation to beryllium there, he's thrown each the toys retired of the cot, he's said, 'Nup I privation an contiguous release.'

Brisbane prop Payne Haas has asked for a merchandise from his contract. (Getty)

"This is aft 5 consecutive wins, if you're sitting determination doing your boots up and you're looking crossed - and yes he's a bully subordinate and yes he's going to play good - but this subordinate doesn't privation to beryllium there.

"He's getting very, precise good paid. To maine it shows a existent reflection connected Payne and from the club's perspective. They clasp their integrity precocious successful regards to the mode they've looked aft him passim that play but astatine the infinitesimal - fto him go.

"If you don't privation to play for the Broncos, don't play. It's conscionable ridiculous aft what the nine has done for him."

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