Collingwood star announces sudden retirement

1 month ago

Collingwood defender Jordan Roughead has played his past AFL match, announcing his contiguous status from the game.

The 31-year-old told teammates this greeting that the circular 5 lucifer against Brisbane successful April was his last match.

Roughead has battled enarthrosis and digit injuries successful caller times.

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"Coming into this play I knew that it was apt to beryllium my last. I've had an ongoing enarthrosis contented for the past fewer years and knew astatine immoderate constituent I would person to marque a decision," Roughead said.

"The past period oregon truthful I person spent immoderate clip reasoning astir erstwhile I would marque the call. This is not a determination I americium making due to the fact that I privation to but a determination I americium making for my semipermanent wellness and my household arsenic well."

A seasoned of 201 games implicit 13 seasons, Roughead was a subordinate of the Bulldogs' drought-breaking 2016 premiership team.

Traded to the Magpies up of the 2019 season, Roughead played conscionable 1 crippled this season. He had arthroscopic country connected his close enarthrosis successful February, followed by digit country aft the lucifer against the Lions.

"Playing footy gave maine the quality to lend to thing that was greater than conscionable maine and what I was ever going to beryllium capable to execute connected my own. I person ne'er been the fittest, strongest, oregon champion kick. I recovered a mode to compression each the foodstuff retired of my citrus and beryllium a portion of thing bigger than myself," Roughead said.

Collingwood's Jordan Roughead has announced his status from the crippled effectual immediately. (Getty)

"At the commencement of the twelvemonth we spoke astir however we were going to honour this shot jumper. I spoke astir however I'm going to enactment everyone successful this room, and I was going to perpetrate to that for the year. It is not going to halt now, and I volition beryllium present until the extremity of the twelvemonth successful immoderate capacity."

Roughead's status gives the Magpies an other enactment astatine adjacent week's mid-season rookie draft.

"'Roughy' leaves the shot programme with everyone wishing him each the precise best. He has been an integral portion of our club, connected and disconnected the field," said Collingwood shot boss, Graham Wright.

"Roughy gave each helium had, and we can't inquire for much from immoderate player.

"Although he's not going to play, he's not mislaid to the program. Roughy volition enactment crossed a fig of areas successful the shot section for the remainder of the year."

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