Cornes demands AFL 'stamp out' rising issue

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Port Adelaide large Kane Cornes says it's clip the AFL took a harder stance connected staging by penalising those who play up for escaped kicks in-game.

This week, starring NBA writer Shams Charania reported that the league's contention committee was weighing up the instauration of in-game penalties for staging, including a method foul escaped throw.

Speaking connected Nine's AFL Sunday Footy Show, Cornes rubber-stamped the thought and suggested the AFL travel suit.

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This was, however, met with an exasperated suspiration from host Tony Jones.

"I'm sick of radical similar you, who privation to bring Americanisms into our game," Jones said.

Saint Kilda's Max King is shoved by Hawthorn's James Blanck. (Fox Footy)

But Cornes disagreed.

"Well I don't attraction due to the fact that I'm sick of this," he said arsenic imaginativeness played of St Kilda guardant Max King benefiting from a 50m punishment aft flopping for an off-ball escaped footwear during Saturday's 10-point nonaccomplishment to Hawthorn.

The incidental successful the archetypal 4th saw King initiate interaction with Hawks defender James Blanck earlier tumbling to the crushed aft being "brushed" by Blanck successful return.

"In a adjacent game, that is [rewarded with] a 50m punishment and a guaranteed goal," Cornes said.

"Now Max King - I'm not captious of him due to the fact that the umpire is giving him a escaped footwear for it."

Cornes argued the AFL needs to to bash much to escaped the crippled of the act.

Max King of the Saints celebrates with his teammates aft scoring a extremity against Hawthorn. (Darrian Traynor via Getty Images)

"We've got to stamp it retired - that should beryllium a escaped footwear against King and that should spell to Hawthorn, alternatively than rewarding that benignant of action.

"It frustrates fans, it frustrates everyone. We've got to get it retired of the crippled [and] it's casual to bash - conscionable penalise [players who flop], wage a escaped footwear against them and the players volition halt doing it."

Jones past raised the game's existing fiscal penalties for staging earlier Damien Barrett interjected.

"I'm with Kane connected this," Barrett said.

"Max successful the vigor of the infinitesimal went down but he's not going to beryllium arrogant of that 1 I would person thought."

Dual All-Australian Nathan Brown added, "The onus is connected the umpire, and the onus is present connected the AFL and (match reappraisal officer) Michael Christian to travel retired and good the players that person done it".

Cornes agreed that players should proceed to beryllium charged and fined arsenic a deterrent but contended that an in-game punishment should besides beryllium handed down.

Although, connected Sunday night, the lucifer reappraisal sheet decided not to mention King oregon Bulldogs guardant Cody Weightman for staging.

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