Courteney Cox & Boyfriend Johnny McDaid Enjoy A Rare Public Date Night In Malibu — Photo

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November 24, 2021 7:20PM EST

Courteney Cox and fellow Johnny McDaid stepped retired for immoderate Japanese nutrient up of Thanksgiving.

Courteney Cox and longtime fellow Johnny McDaid enjoyed a day nighttime successful Malibu up of the Thanksgiving weekend. The actress, 57, and her Snow Patrol instrumentalist beau, 45, stepped retired for Japanese nutrient astatine personage favourite Nobu connected Tuesday, Nov. 23, some keeping it casual. The Friends prima wore a achromatic sweater with grey denim portion her spouse wore a leather overgarment and achromatic jeans.

courteney cox and johnny mcdaidCourteney Cox and Johnny McDaid bask day nighttime successful Malibu connected November 23, 2021 (BACKGRID)

The 2 person been dating since 2013. They were antecedently engaged, announcing the quality successful June 2014, but divided and called it disconnected successful December 2015. However, the mates reconciled the pursuing year, having been spotted connected a luncheon and buying date successful March 2016. While connected The Ellen DeGeneres Show successful January 2019, Courteney confirmed the engagement wasn’t backmost connected contempt their reconciliation.

“He’s not my fiancé. We were engaged to beryllium married, but present we’re conscionable together,” Courteney clarified. “We broke disconnected our engagement and helium moved to England. Then we got backmost together, and it’s really amended than it was before. Everything’s better.” She added, “The region — aft that breakup, we were isolated for six months — that truly showed america a lot.”

The prima likewise touched connected the reunion portion connected an occurrence of Running Wild with Bear Grylls successful August 2016. Prior to her narration with the musician, Courteney was joined to David Arquette. They divided successful 2013 aft 14 years of marriage. They stock girl Coco, 17, together. While connected Running Wild, Courteney told Bear Grylls that portion determination “wasn’t a melodramatic ending” to her marriage with David, her divided from Johnny had been “brutal.”

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaidCourteney Cox and Johnny McDaid (SplashNews)

“It wasn’t a melodramatic ending,” she said of her divorce. “I mean, arsenic divorces go, I would accidental it’s 1 of the amended ones, for sure. We’re bully coparents together.” Courteney added that she and Johnny were backmost unneurotic successful a “new context,” calling it different. “We were engaged for implicit a twelvemonth and past we broke up,” she said. “There’s thing about, you know, he’s from Ireland, and the mode helium regards emotion is precious.”

“We person to dainty it successful a antithetic way,” she continued. “It’s much special. . . So, I didn’t cognize however to respect emotion the mode helium does. And it decidedly made a batch of mistakes that I see, whether it’s co-dependency oregon people-pleasing. I didn’t cognize however to bring it in. It was ever external. I decidedly person learned a lot, and nary substance what, I volition beryllium a amended idiosyncratic from that breakup, adjacent though it was truthful brutal.”