Cricket Australia board plunged into chaos

4 days ago

Cricket Australia's committee has been plunged into chaos, with the resignation of president Earl Eddings.

Eddings announced this greeting helium would basal down from his position, and not question re-election astatine tomorrow's AGM.

"It has been an honour and a privilege to beryllium capable to service the athletics I emotion arsenic a Cricket Australia director," helium said successful a statement.

National manager Justin Langer with outgoing president of Cricket Australia Earl Eddings. (Getty)

"In that time, and peculiarly during my clip arsenic Chair, we person navigated immoderate of the sport's top challenges, including rebuilding the spot and estimation of Australian cricket aft the Newlands incidental and, much recently, the tremendous interaction of the COVID-19 pandemic connected home and planetary cricket.

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"It is my sincere anticipation that pursuing my resignation the authorities and territory associations tin unite and enactment unneurotic successful the champion interests of cricket, allowing the absorption to instrumentality to the athletics up of the 2021-22 season."

Current manager Richard Freudenstein has been elected arsenic the interim chairman, and volition service until a imperishable seat tin beryllium elected.

Eddings took implicit arsenic president successful 2018, pursuing the resignation of David Peever. The states were divided implicit Eddings' privation to service a 2nd word arsenic chairman, with New South Wales and Queensland having publically questioned the move.

News Corp reports that Western Australia has present withdrawn its support, leaving Eddings with nary accidental of being re-elected.

Only past period the committee gave its "unanimous endorsement" of a 2nd word for Eddings, nether the proviso that helium name a lawman and statesman the handover process to a caller chair.

Earl Eddings replaced David Peever arsenic Cricket Australia chairman. (AAP)

"I americium peculiarly arrogant of our corporate efforts to flooded the challenges of COVID-19 to signifier a hugely palmy Indian circuit past summertime and guarantee the Ashes tin spell up this summer," Eddings said.

"It has been terrific to beryllium progressive successful the maturation of the women's crippled successful caller years, from the occurrence of the ICC Women's T20 World Cup and Women's Big Bash League to the continued summation successful girls taking up our sport.

"I person besides been pleased to fortify relations with the players done the Australian Cricketers' Association.

"My passionateness for the crippled is undiminished and I look guardant to cheering connected our men and women, boys and girls connected each signifier – from the forthcoming Ashes Tests to play nine cricket – implicit the coming summertime and beyond."

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