Cripps retains captaincy in leadership revamp

3 months ago

Patrick Cripps has been unveiled arsenic Carlton's sole skipper for the 2022 play with young guns Jacob Weitering and Sam Walsh besides elevated into enactment roles.

Cripps had shared the relation with Sam Docherty since the 2019 season, but volition pb the broadside by himself arsenic a portion of a revamped enactment squad nether caller manager Michael Voss.

The 26-year-old's 2 deputies volition beryllium Weitering and Walsh, with Walsh peculiarly touted by galore astir the AFL arsenic a aboriginal skipper himself.

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Despite nary longer sharing the relation with Docherty, who stepped down from the relation astatine the extremity of past year, Cripps paid tribute to the seasoned defender for helping him turn arsenic a leader.

Cripps paid tribute to erstwhile Carlton co-captain Sam Docherty for helping him turn arsenic a person (Getty)

"It's been an implicit honour to person held the captaincy alongside Doc for the past 3 seasons – it's mostly acknowledgment to him that I've grown to beryllium the person I americium today," helium said successful a nine statement.

"I'm present truly looking guardant to taking the adjacent measurement this twelvemonth nether a caller squad of coaches and alongside [Weitering] and [Walsh].

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"The enactment of our radical does not halt with conscionable the 3 of us. We are fortunate to person some established and emerging leaders crossed each enactment and our absorption this play volition beryllium bringing that retired successful 1 different – it is simply a corporate work for america to commencement to gain respect and we're already putting successful a monolithic magnitude of enactment to get that."

Voss said helium and the nine had "complete belief" successful Cripps, Weitering and Walsh starring Carlton into the future.

Young weapon Sam Walsh is 1 of 2 vice-captains alongside prima defender Jacob Weitering (Getty)

"Since arriving astatine the club, I person seen first-hand the unthinkable passionateness Patrick has to bring squad occurrence to this shot club," helium said.

"Equally, some Jacob and Sam acceptable the standards for work-rate and professionalism and person earned the accidental to pb arsenic co-vice captains. 

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"A beardown civilization is centred astir large leadership, we surely person that successful these 3 players who person a terrific knowing of what is required to thrust standards astatine the elite level.

"I person nary uncertainty arsenic this radical builds its transportation with 1 different with the much clip we walk together, the work of enactment volition beryllium shared close crossed the committee – which we person already started to spot large signs of."

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