Des facing fine as Manly blasts 'bad' refs

1 month ago

NRL main enforcement Andrew Abdo has confirmed manager Des Hasler's post-match disapproval of the referees aft Manly's nonaccomplishment to Parramatta is being reviewed.

Following his side's last-gasp nonaccomplishment aft prima Eel Mitch Moses slotted done a game-winning conversion from the sideline, Hasler called retired respective incidents from the lucifer that helium claimed led to his side's loss.

His frustrations were levelled with the determination to penalise Christian Tuipulotu for a precocious tackle precocious successful the crippled portion declaring the lucifer arsenic a full was marred with "dubious calls" from referee Ben Cummins.

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Manly players connected Tuesday shared successful their coach's frustrations, with guardant Josh Aloiai adding: "We were beauteous hard done by, for the astir part, the ref did america nary favours, peculiarly successful the backmost extremity of the game. I deliberation helium did a atrocious occupation and we didn't get distant with the win. So I'm beauteous unhappy with him, to beryllium honorable with you."

Abdo addressed Manly's frustrations and revealed Hasler's comments were being reviewed by the league, which could spot the manager fined if the league chooses to instrumentality action.

Manly manager Des Hasler (Getty)

"His comments are nether review, truthful I won't speech specifically astir his comments, but I volition speech generally," Abdo said.

"Everyone needs to instrumentality a spot of a enactment and amusement respect for what is simply a precise hard job.

"I deliberation we each request to determination towards being much respectful and much nonrecreational generally.

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"Respect for lucifer officials and referees is important, not conscionable astatine the NRL level ... we each person a occupation to bash to recognise, respect and admit the hard occupation the lucifer officials do. They bash a bully job.

Des Hasler hits retired astatine the punishment number aft Manly's loss

"They marque mistakes from clip to time, that's normal. It's a nonrecreational sport, determination are a batch of 50/50 calls that could spell either way.

"Our fans are passionate, determination volition ever beryllium statement successful immoderate sport, but this conception of reasoning referees are deliberately making mistakes oregon not heavy scrutinised pursuing the lucifer connected an autarkic basis, is not true."

Hasler is nary alien to copping fines for post-match comments.

In 2015, portion coaching astatine the Bulldogs, helium was fined $20,000 for fierce disapproval implicit referees' handling of the 10-metre regularisation successful a triumph implicit Newcastle.

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