Devastated captain's admission after blunder

1 month ago

An affectional Titans skipper Tino Fa'asuamaleaui has taken afloat work for his side's defeat, including the admittance that helium wasn't definite of the rules erstwhile mishandling a pivotal kick-off.

"Just dumb," manager Justin Holbrook said aft chronicling a bid of blunders during their embarrassing illness against arch-rivals Brisbane.

The determination to spell for a abbreviated kick-off portion inactive up by 14 points was peculiarly eyebrow-raising, and 1 that Fa'asuamaleaui took the blasted for.

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"I stuffed up. Jamayne wanted to spell long, and I thought determination was an accidental to spell short," helium told reporters.

"I didn't recognize the regularisation of it going implicit the 10 and wherever to drawback it, and past missed the tackle. I enactment my manus up for that, I fto the boys down and failed them."

Fa'asuamaleaui said helium didn't realise the shot could beryllium grabbed arsenic soon arsenic it had travelled 10 metres, adjacent if it was inactive successful the aerial - saying helium thought helium needed to fto the shot bounce earlier picking it up.

Tino Fa'asuamaleaui during the post-match property conference. (NRL)

Instead, Brisbane pounced and had its 2nd effort successful arsenic galore minutes.

"I didn't recognize the rule," helium admitted.

"Before you cognize it, they're nether the posts. I enactment my manus up for that, it's unfair connected the boys, I fto them down."

The skipper whitethorn beryllium being somewhat harsh connected himself, fixed his Herculean effort, moving for implicit 200 metres successful the archetypal fractional alone, but it's small consolation aft different large pb thrown away.

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"You tin ever person a bully archetypal half, but you've got to backmost it up successful the 2nd half.

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"In games similar that erstwhile each the boys are looking for their leaders, you request to measurement up and myself especially, and our enactment crew, we didn't measurement up tonight," helium said of their second-half performance.

"It's a crippled we could person won, and evidently we fto it slip."

His manager agreed, and was baffled arsenic to however yet different large pb evaporated.

"We were successful a large presumption contiguous to triumph the game, we were successful a terrific spot," Holbrook said.

"We conscionable recovered a mode to propulsion it away, which is hard to take."

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